Poland - Diesel fuel (EN 590)

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03 December 2019
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04 November 2019
9134220: Diesel fuel (EN 590)
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The subject of the contract is the purchase of diesel oil for buses with delivery to the garage gas station in Czołowo, ul. Kórnickiej 1, in the total amount of 750 000 litres of ON B7. The Ordering Party allows the possibility of increasing the above mentioned number of litres by 25% - the purchase is possible under the option right. Total quantity, taking into account the option right 937 500 l. It is an above-ground tank with a capacity of 20 000 litres. The Ordering Party shall accept deliveries from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. In case of increased needs of the Ordering Party for diesel oil, the Ordering Party may exercise its right of option with an appropriate declaration of will in this respect submitted to the Contractor. Initial timetable for the use of these options in months: The Contracting Authority shall pay the Contractor remuneration for deliveries made by bank transfer to the bank account of the Contractor within 30 days (criteria for evaluation of offers - min. 14 days), counting from the date of delivery of a correctly prepared invoice to the Contracting Authority.2.5 Settlements between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor shall take place exclusively in Polish zlotys (PLN), excluding foreign currencies.2.6 The Contracting Authority shall not impose any requirements related to the performance of the order referred to in Article 29 paragraph 4 of the Act.2.The Contracting Authority envisages the possibility of significant changes in the provisions of the concluded agreement in relation to the contents of the offer on the basis of which the Economic Operator was selected in the event of occurrence of at least one of the circumstances listed below, taking into account the given conditions of their implementation:2.7.1. Change of the delivery date: 1) changes caused by force majeure, including natural disasters, weather conditions making it impossible to deliver the goods on time; 2) changes resulting from circumstances being the sole responsibility of the Ordering Party, in particular suspension of delivery; 3) changes resulting from temporary suspension of production of goods or shortages of goods on the Polish market being the subject of the agreement, including those resulting from actions of public administration authorities, in the event of occurrence of any of the circumstances listed in items 1)-3) the delivery date may be extended accordingly by the time necessary for its proper performance, but not longer than by the duration of these circumstances.2.7.2. Change of the way of fulfilling the service: 1) changes caused by not buying the full quantity of ON. In such a case, the contract may be extended until the purchase of the full amount of litres of ON B7 specified in the contract.2.7.3. Changes in the Contractor's remuneration: 1) changes caused by the granting of promotional discounts by the Contractor.in the event that the Contractor grants promotional discounts to the customer during the term of the contract, the discounts will also apply to this contract.2) changes caused by an increase or decrease in the VAT rate or excise tax. Where a change in the VAT rate or excise duty rate results in an increase in the cost of goods for the Contractor, the Purchaser shall allow the Contractor's remuneration to be increased by an amount equal to the difference in the amount of VAT or excise duty paid by the Contractor. If a change in the VAT rate or excise tax rate results in a reduction in the costs of goods on the part of the Contractor, the Contracting Authority allows for the possibility of reducing the remuneration by an amount equal to the difference in the amount of VAT or excise tax paid by the Contractor. The provisions of Article 144 of the ToR shall also apply.

Opportunity closing date
03 December 2019
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Kórnickie Przedsiębiorstwo Autobusowe Kombus Sp. z o.o. ul. Kórnicka 1, Czołowo Kórnik 62-035 Poland

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