Belgium - Development of the European Food Price Indicator EASME/GRO-SME-19-C/09

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15 September 2019
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24 June 2019
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The general objective of this call for tender closely relates to the third COSME objective – business environment for enterprises, including the competiveness of the enterprises and sectors.The study aims to specify how consumer expenditure on food is distributed between the different stages of the food supply chain (farmers, processors and retailers). It shall primarily show patterns of price composition at Member State level, and cover the most often purchased basket of products. The indicators shall also show, to the extent that this is feasible, the relationship between the output value and input costs. In addition, the call for tender shall contain communication activities with stakeholders as well as the wider public, to disseminate the knowledge to actors in the business and to consumers.The food industry supplies life-sustaining food products of high quality to all European citizens, but it is also an important economic sector in the European Union. The majority of the enterprises in the food supply chain are small and medium sized.The initiative for the call for tender comes from the high level forum for a better Functioning Food Supply Chain (HLF).The project aims to increase the public awareness on the distribution of the added value and other components across the food supply chain. It shall allow operators (mostly SMEs) to compare the average costs and margins of economic operators between various Member States, allowing them to identify best practices and replicate them in the local context.The project shall also stimulate competitiveness.

Opportunity closing date
15 September 2019
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ExeCutive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, EASME.A.3.1 — Integrated maritime policy Covent Garden (COV2), Place Charles Rogier 16 Brussels B–1049 Belgium

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