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Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
Opportunity publication date
12 June 2019
45111100: Demolition work
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demolition/disassembly of buildings and earthworks:- demolition of total enclosed space approx. 65 650 m3, of which approx. 1 500 m3 under ground,- demolition of total reinforced concrete components approx. 7 760 m3 (incl. concrete cladding),- demolition of masonry components approx. 500 m2,- demolition of total glazed facade parts approx. 3 500 m2,- Demolition of lightweight walls (without pollutants) approx. 1 300 m2,- Demolition of ceiling claddings (without pollutants) total approx. 2 200 m2,- Demolition of floor coverings (without pollutants) approx. 5 500 m2,- Demolition of roof coverings (without pollutants) total approx. 2 700 m2,- Demolition of trapezoidal sheet metal roofing approx. 5 200 m2,- demolition of steel structures under/behind glazed roof and wall surfaces approx. 2 800 m2,- demolition of external surface pavements total approx. 2 200 m2,- floor house lift approx. 3 800 m3, floor fillings approx. 11 800 m3.dismantling of TGA:- sanitary installations: dismantling of approx. 850 m wastewater pipes and approx. 1,300 m drinking water pipes, 670 m rainwater pipes, - heat supply systems: dismantling of approx. 3,600 m pipes, 4 distributors, - ventilation systems: dismantling of approx. 1,300 m air pipes, - air conditioning systems: dismantling of approx. 1,300 m air pipes, - power current systems: dismantling of approx. 40 electric UV, approx. 35 400 m cables and wires, approx. 2 850 lights, telecommunications and information technology systems: disassembly of approx. 17 200 m wires, 3 data distributors, approx. 560 loudspeakers, approx. 7 Shunting distributors,- Usage-specific systems: Dismantling of exhaust hoods, stainless steel fittings in kitchen, dismantling of an elevator system,- Technical systems in outdoor systems: Dismantling of approx. 17 shaft structures, approx. 50 m of piping.Remediation of pollutants, dismantling and disposal of essentially:- Lost formwork made of asbestos cement strips under concrete approx. 770 m,- asbestos-containing gravel press layer on roof approx. 5 600 m2,- acoustic ceiling made of KMF with KMF layer (carcinogenic old product) approx. 6 700 m2,- impact sound insulation made of KMF (carcinogenic old product) approx. 7 500 m2,- KMF insulation (carcinogenic old product) approx. 4 200 m,- asbestos-containing promat slabs on ceilings approx. 220 m2,- KMF filling (carcinogenic old product) in lightweight walls approx. 8 450 m2,- asbestos-containing PVC coating approx. 3 200 m2,- asbestos-containing linoleum coatings approx. 2 500 m2,- asbestos-containing pipe coating incl. KMF insulation approx. 3 100 m,- PCB-containing joint compounds approx. 4 000 m.

Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
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SBH | Schulbau Hamburg An der Stadthausbrücke 1 Hamburg 20355 Germany

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