Germany - Demolition work, preparation for construction and clearing of buildings

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Opportunity closing date
10 October 2019
Opportunity publication date
13 September 2019
45111000: Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The demolition and dismantling work will be necessary as part of the reconstruction and refurbishment of the town hall. This is a partial demolition of non-load-bearing structural elements. The building was vacated and exempted at the beginning of the work. Floor coverings that are not protected under monumental law are demolished, in part the entire floor structure. In the area of the new staircase to be manufactured, as well as the media shafts, complete ceiling constructions are being dismantled. In the inner courtyard, a complete staircase attached to the main building with an elevator shaft will be demolished. In some areas, wall surfaces and non-load-bearing inner walls will be demolished. Most interior doors are completely dismantled and some of the components to be demolished contain pollutants. Pigeon droppings must be cleared in the roof area. The disposal of all materials takes place via central disposal management and is not part of the tendered service.Partly, the materials intended for demolition are contaminated (KMF, ASBEST, PAK etc.)Building constructionAstbestbeseitigung:- Schwarz-Weiß-Anlage 2 St.,- 4-Kammer-Personalschleusen 2 St.,- Partitioning as foil wall approx. 900.00 m2,- Cleaning of work areas approx. 5 420.00 m2.Demolition of staircase:- Exterior walls approx. 127.00 m3,- Staircase approx. 29.00 m3.Demolition of interior walls Masonry:- Non-load-bearing interior walls approx. 1 436.00 m2,- Load-bearing interior walls approx. 277.00 m3.Demolition of dry construction:- dry construction walls approx. 960,00 m2,- dry construction walls contaminated with harmful substances approx. 1 307,00 m2.Demolition of wall coverings:- tiles approx. 500,00 m2,- plaster approx. 1 660,00 m2.Demolition of facade construction:- metal/glass facade approx. 260,00 m2.Dismantling of doors/windows:- windows approx. 84 pcs,- Doors approx. 290 pcs. demolition floor coverings:- floor coverings approx. 7 778,00 pcs. demolition ceilings:- reinforced concrete approx. 70 m3,- hollow brick approx. 37 m3.demolition ceiling coverings/ceiling cladding:- plaster approx. 626,00 m2,- ceiling cladding asbestos/contaminated material approx. 4 000,00 m2.HSS dismantling of pipes:- heating/drinking water/sewage pipes approx. 3 531.00 m,- fittings, sanitary fittings approx. 500.00 ELT dismantling of pipes:- main pipes/cable routes approx. 3 000.00 m2,- socket outlets, fittings, approx. 3 500.00 m2.distribution cabinets etc. The disposal of contaminated and uncontaminated demolition materials on the construction site is carried out by a central disposal management system. The tender comprises the erection, maintenance and clearing of rubble containers as well as the receipt and disposal of demolition materials arising in the course of the main demolition and construction work and the remediation of pollutants. the pollutant-polluted materials are mainly asbestos, KMF and PAK. tonnage of unpolluted demolition materials approx. 3,500.00 tt of polluted demolition materials approx. 900.00 t.

Opportunity closing date
10 October 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Stadt Frankfurt (Oder), Bereich des Oberbürgermeisters, Rechtsamt, Zentrale Vergabestelle Stadthaus, Goepelstraße 38 Frankfurt (Oder) 15234 Germany

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