Canada - Data supply for the Computer & Peripherals Price Index and the Computer Software Price Index (J032719/A)

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Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Opportunity publication date
03 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Statistics Canada requires a contractor who will supply on a continuous basis, custom price and related market intelligence data to support monthly production of computer, peripheral and software price indexes.
The requirement is subject to the provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).
This Statistics Canada office provides procurement services to the public in their official languages.
There shall be no direct payment by Statistics Canada for costs incurred for the presentation and submission of proposals in response to this RFP.
The contract will be awarded for one (1) year plus an additional four (4) one (1) year option periods.
The Contractor grants to Canada the irrevocable option to extend the term of the Contract by up to four (4) additional one (1) year periods under the same conditions. The Contractor agrees that, during the extended period of the Contract, it will be paid in accordance with the applicable provisions as set out in the Basis of Payment.
Canada may exercise this option at any time by sending a written notice to the Contractor at any time before the expiry date of the Contract. The option may only be exercised by the Contracting Authority, and will be evidenced for administrative purposes only, through a contract amendment.
Interested suppliers should express their interest in the procurement to the following;
Name: Francesco Germano
Title: Coordinator
Organization: Statistics Canada Address: 150 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6
Telephone: 613-882-1902
The deadline for submissions of bids in response to this RFP is January 15, 2020 @ 2:00pm EST. Any and all bids received after this date and time will be returned unopened to the Bidder. As per Treasury Board Contracting Policy the onus is on the Bidder to ensure that all solicitation documents reach the stipulated destination before the closing date and time of the RFP.
Bids must be submitted only to:
StatCan will not assume responsibility for proposals directed to any other location. Proposals not received in the Bid Receiving Unit by the closing time, will be returned to the Bidder unopened.
All enquiries must be submitted in writing to the Contracting Authority no later than five (5) calendar days before the bid closing date. Enquiries received after that time may not be answered.
Bidders should reference as accurately as possible the numbered item of the bid solicitation to which the enquiry relates. Care should be taken by Bidders to explain each question in sufficient detail in order to enable Canada to provide an accurate answer. Technical enquiries that are of a proprietary nature must be clearly marked "proprietary" at each relevant item. Items identified as “proprietary” will be treated as such except where Canada determines that the enquiry is not of a proprietary nature. Canada may edit the question(s) or may request that the Bidder do so, so that the proprietary nature of the question(s) is eliminated and the enquiry can be answered to all Bidders. Enquiries not submitted in a form that can be distributed to all Bidders may not be answered by Canada.
The Bidder must provide a project plan that describes how they will meet the scheduled monthly and annual data delivery requirements in SW.4.1 of the Statement of Work. At a minimum, the Bidder must provide the following information: defined activities and tasks, milestones that align with deliverables, quality control mechanisms and a detailed schedule.
The Bidder must demonstrate they have a minimum of five (5) years of experience in collecting and providing custom market intelligence data for the Canadian market for computers, computer peripherals and software. At a minimum, the Bidder must provide the following information: a brief description of the data, dates when the data were provided and Markets covered.
The Bidder must demonstrate they have provided custom market intelligence data to a minimum of two (2) of the following: any level of government and/or Crown Corporations for a minimum of three (3) years. At a minimum, the Bidder must provide the following information: a brief description of the data and dates when the data were provided.
The Bidder must provide documentation on the sources and quality of the data that will be supplied, as well as on the methodology for the collection and processing of these data. The documentation must be in Word 2010 (*.docx) or in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format.
The Bidder must demonstrate their ability to meet the data specifications in SW.4.3.1 of the Statement of Work by providing a list of the available variables and a sample data file containing 10% of the available records for each data segment. The data segments are defined by a combination of geography, industry and market as described in SW.4.3.1.
There is no security requirement applicable to the Contract.
Bidders may request a debriefing on the results of the bid solicitation process. Bidders should make the request to the Contracting Authority within 15 working days from receipt of the results of the bid solicitation process. The debriefing may be in writing, by telephone or in person.

Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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