Poland - Construction work for complete or partial buildings and civil engineering works

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Opportunity closing date
14 August 2019
Opportunity publication date
03 July 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject of this order includes: 1. Design, delineation, Construction Work, Technology Delivery, Training, Completion Trials, Operational Trials, Site Clearance, Defects Removal and all other activities necessary to take over the Works by the Contracting Authority and achieve the ecological and technological effect of the completed Investment, at least at the level required by the national law, meeting the objectives of the Project and in accordance with the required technical and technological guarantees of the Contractor. The performance of the subject matter of the contract shall include in particulara) preparation of design documentation (construction design), together with obtaining a construction permit (if required) for the Central Pumping Station in Biała Podlaska; b) obtaining all opinions, agreements, approvals, permits and permits, the obligation to obtain of which results from the Polish law, including preparation of materials for issuing a decision on the terms of connection to external networks, together with obtaining relevant decisions; c) preparation of relevant documentation and conducting a reassessment of the environmental impact (if necessary during the design works);d) development of geological-engineering documentation (if required); e) development of multi-sectoral and technological executive designs; f) appointment of the Construction Manager; g) development of a safety and health plan; h) organisation of the construction site; i) site delineation; j) construction, reconstruction and modernization of construction objects and accompanying infrastructure, which are listed in the detailed part of this PFU;k) supply and installation of equipment, machinery and technological equipment; l) operation of air protection against pollution for the installation (if applicable); m) supply of technical and operational documentation (DTR) of equipment; n) supply of necessary start-up and operating instructions together with station instructions; o) start-up without and under load and crew training; p) conduct of Final Tests confirming the environmental and technological effect; q) participation in the conduct of Operational Tests;r) obtaining a permit to use the installation on behalf of the Contracting Authority; s) preparing as-built documentation together with the necessary descriptions in the scope and form as in the Design Documentation, the content of which will present the Works as they were completed by the Contractor; and preparing as-built geodetic documentation, including geodetic documentation prepared at particular stages of construction and as-built geodetic inventory together with a copy of the current master map of the area; t) handing over the object to the Contracting Authority.2Contractor's personnel and the personnel of any subcontractor performing all activities related to the performance of construction works carried out on the Site, if the performance of these activities consists in performing work in the manner specified in Article 22 § 1 of the Act of 26.6.1974. - The detailed description of the subject matter of the contract was presented in the ToR Part III Functional and Utility Program.

Opportunity closing date
14 August 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Bialskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Wod-Kan Sp. z o.o. ul. Narutowicza 35A Biała Podlaska 21-500 Poland

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