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Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Opportunity publication date
13 December 2019
71520000: Construction supervision services
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject of the contract is management and supervision over the implementation of the investment task: Execution of construction works related to the reconstruction of the Warszawa Zachodnia station within the framework of the POIiŚ 5.1-13 project entitled "Works on the diameter line in Warsaw between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Zachodnia" and the POIIŚ 6.1-22 project entitled "Construction of a tram route to Wilanów with the purchase of rolling stock and associated infrastructure".The investment is divided into task A1, task A2 and task B, where the entity responsible for implementation is the Contracting Authority 1 for task A1 and the Contracting Authority 2 for task A1 and task B respectively.: level -1 for pedestrian traffic service and level -2 - (auxiliary room) (level -1, as part of task A1, level -2 as part of task A2) and construction of an underground passageway - link to platform 9 (current platform 8) with drainage;(e) construction of a footbridge for the temporary and target organisation of pedestrian traffic at the station, including ramps on the north and south side of the station. The ramp on the south side located in the design documentation of task B is an integral part of the footbridge in task A1;f) construction of a multifunctional building with a station hall, demolition of the current station building from Tunelowa Street;g) reconstruction of the road system, including the passage of cat. D and construction of cycle paths, parking lots at a multifunctional building; h) demolition, reconstruction and repair of existing engineering structures; i) construction, reconstruction of the overhead contact line power supply network, substation facilities and external lighting on the investment site; j) construction and reconstruction of power supply for power equipment; k) reconstruction of the existing underground railway infrastructure and external administrators that interfere with the planned investment; l) reconstruction and construction of the network and installations; m) demolition of the existing structures;n) repair and construction of cubic facilities; o) construction and reconstruction of telecommunication equipment and systems; p) execution of land development of the entire investment; q) design and construction and reconstruction of railway traffic control equipment and obtaining the required administrative decisions resulting from such changes; r) design and construction and reconstruction of the vision monitoring system and obtaining the required administrative decisions resulting from such changes; s) securing and monitoring existing facilities exposed to damage in connection with the execution of works.Within the scope of A2 task - the Contractor supervises the works including in particular: a) construction of an auxiliary room on level -2 of the newly constructed underground passage together with drainage.Within the scope of Task B - the Contractor shall supervise the works, including in particulara) construction of the underground passage on level -1 together with the construction of bus stops on level -2 (without the surface of bus stops), for which partial occupancy permits will be obtained (within Stage IV); b) exit from the underground passage to level 0 (staircase, lift shaft) together with roofing and elements of small architecture; c) construction and reconstruction of power supply for power equipment; d) construction and reconstruction of telecommunications equipment; e) reconstruction and construction of networks and installations; f) protection and monitoring of existing facilities exposed to damage due to the execution of works.

Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. ul. Targowa 74 Warszawa 03-734 Poland

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