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Opportunity closing date
13 July 2020
Opportunity publication date
16 June 2020
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In the course of the renovation of the IHT in Bonn, it is planned to realize the production area for cell products in transfusion medicine and for synthesis products of approx. 200 m2 as a clean room with purity class A/B/C/D according to GMP. The task of the clean room is to create a controlled and clean environmental condition so that the products to be manufactured are comprehensively protected from unacceptable contamination by particles or colony-forming units (CFU's/microorganisms) from the time they are created until they are packaged.The following measures, among others, are used to maintain the clean production environment:- Zone concepts in which the clean room is and is operated in overpressure/underpressure compared to its background environment;- air exchanges and air flows optimised for production conditions;- regulation of temperature and air humidity;- separate airlock systems for material/personnel;- separate disposal outlets for contaminated material/waste;- hygiene measures and controlling;- rules of conduct and controlling;- technical monitoring measures (GMP monitoring);- access control system for access to the hygiene area.This is the overall measure of the clean room extension with clean room walls, ceilings and floors, the complete HVAC systems, media supply and MSR including monitoring system, but without laboratory equipment. The area does not have an extinguishing system. The area will have its own ventilation system with 5 000 m3/h fresh air supply (plus approx. 16 000 m3/h circulating air by means of FFUs) and its own gas supply. All black and energy media will be made available at the transfer interfaces.the service also includes the preparatory work for the IQ qualification and extensive measurements as well as the documentation for the OQ.the laboratory technology services are to be commissioned within the framework of an open tender.
01 room anteroom hygiene area,02 room personnel airlock 1,03 room personnel airlock 2,04 room personnel airlock 3,05 room clean room 1,06 room clean room 2,07 room material airlock 1,08 room material airlock 3,09 room storage hygiene area,10 room documentation hygiene area,11 room cryo hygiene area,12 room cleaning room,13 room S2 airlock,14 room clean room 3,15 room other.

Opportunity closing date
13 July 2020
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Universitätsklinikum Bonn AöR Venusberg-Campus 1 Bonn 53127 Germany

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