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Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Opportunity publication date
20 August 2021
45000000: Co
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to be confirmed
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Wohnungswirtschaft Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH intends to replace the already demolished post-war building at Große Oderstraße 25-28 with a new residential and commercial building consisting of 5 individual houses. In the middle house (house 3), the office use on the ground floor is interrupted by the so-called Bischofsgang, which connects Große Oderstraße, which is adjacent in the western part, with the backyard, which is adjacent in the eastern part.
The property is located in the inner city area of Frankfurt Oder, opposite the historic St. Marienkirche. St. Mary's Church. On the property, along Große Oderstraße, there are historic cellar walls of the town houses destroyed in the Second World War, which are protected as an archaeological monument. The historic masonry is to be protected with a fleece and the area without a cellar is to be backfilled. In the area of Große Oderstraße, which is to continue to be designated as a one-way street during the construction period, a no-stopping zone is to be set up for all trucks at the height of St. Mary's Church to protect the historically particularly valuable tryptichon. The length of the no-stopping area is to be agreed with the local authorities. The site for the new building is adjacent to the north of the existing development (staircase) of the "Bolfrashaus". Immediately outside the excavation pit, supply lines of the FFO public utility company run to the east and south, as well as lines of the local telecommunications provider. The excavation pit was secured on the northern side as a pile wall with a wooden infill, while the areas on the eastern and southern sides were secured with a girder pile wall with wooden infill, which adjoins the historic masonry on the western side. On the west side it connects to the historic masonry. On the west side the hist. walls serve for the most part as excavation pit protection. Walls serve as excavation protection. In the northern area and in the southeastern area of the shoring, reduced working spaces are available; costs for more difficult execution conditions are to be calculated into the EP here. After completion of the last basement slab at the level of the upper edge of the ground, the work on backfilling the excavation pit is to be carried out. The excavation pit shoring is removed by external trades. Depending on the current groundwater level at the time of the earthworks, the foundation planum could lie in the "groundwater-affected depth range". If dewatering is necessary, this can only be carried out in the form of closed wells using shallow wells (vacuum drainage and/or gravity method). The new building is planned with four upper floors, a ground floor and a basement (construction in WU). In areas where historic masonry is located and in the connection area to the "Bolfrashaus", no basement is planned. Access to the construction site is from the public road via Bischofstraße in the north, then turning off via Faberstraße, which in the further course becomes a private road owned by the developer. The building is planned as a solid structure consisting of load-bearing single-shell masonry exterior walls and interior reinforced concrete columns, load-bearing masonry walls and reinforced concrete walls. The 5-storey building has external dimensions of approx. w x l x h = 17.0 x 88.0 x 21.0 m. A staircase core is planned in each of the 5 buildings. In the 3rd and 4th floor the roof construction is to be carried out as wall slabs in Stb.-construction. Stb. partition walls are arranged between the buildings. At the same time, these partition walls must meet the requirements of a fire wall. The base and outer walls of the basement are constructed in WU concrete (white tank). Special feature of the supporting structure: On the 3rd and 4th floors, both interior outdoor seating areas and exterior balconies are to be constructed. For this purpose, dormers are provided in the roof construction. The storey heights on the 4th floor vary in three stages. House 1,2 and 4 have a clear height of approx. 3.0 m, house 3 has a clear height of approx. 3.9 m. The clear height of house 5 is the highest at approximately 5.6 m. In the western part of the excavation pit a masonry wall from the Middle Ages is adjacent. The outer wall of the building is offset in this area. The cantilevered floor slab of the basement is founded between the medieval masonry walls. The remaining portion of the masonry walls is poured over. Floor and roof slabs: Floor slabs are constructed with a thickness of 24.0 cm. On the roof slabs, which are also 24.0 cm thick, a maximum water accumulation of 10 cm up to the emergency overflows is taken into account. Loggias/balconies: In the area of the loggias and balconies, the ceiling is separated by thermally insulated connections, with connection reinforcement for freely projecting reinforced concrete balconies (WU). Façade: The exterior walls of the building are constructed as single-skin masonry. Thermally insulating vertically perforated bricks with thicknesses of d = 42.5 cm, d= 36.5 and d=30 cm are used. The facade of house 3 will be clad with facing bricks. On the other houses, an exterior rendering (as a noble render in varying surface structures) will be applied to the single-shell masonry. Please refer to the attached drawing Site Equipment Areas for the areas to be used for site equipment. The proposed area is located across the street from Faber Street, which is private in this portion. As the fire brigade access to the building of the neighbouring day nursery and the northern development (Bolfrashaus and adjacent) runs across the private area of Faberstrasse, it must be ensured that this is kept clear for the fire brigade at all times and is passable. Fire department access, escape routes, and functional traffic routes for the building site and all adjacent buildings shall be kept clear at all times. Care shall be taken not to damage existing fixtures. Protective materials such as covers and crosswalks shall be included, as well as removal upon completion of services. The areas used are to be restored to their original condition after completion of the services in consultation with the specialist planner for outdoor facilities. There is limited space on the construction site. The turning possibilities for large vehicles are limited by narrow curves. The access road to the construction site is also very narrow. The delivery and transport of building materials, machines and equipment can only be carried out by trucks with a maximum of 3 axles. It is planned to design the access for trucks as a "ring road".

Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Wohnungswirtschaft Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH Heinrich-Hildebrand-Straße 20 b Frankfurt (Oder) 15232 Germany

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