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Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
Opportunity publication date
11 October 2019
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to be confirmed
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  October 2019 - Sources Sought for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices.
The U.S. Army Contracting Command - Rock Island is seeking potential sources and information related to a possible follow-on acquisition to the active Radio Frequency Identification (aRFID) contract managed by the US Army's Product Lead for Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PL AMIS). The current contract includes active RFID technologies and Technical Engineering Services (TES) to support the In-Transit and in-the-box visibility of assets across the DoD supply chain. TES include site surveys, installation, training, warranty and maintenance services, and technical engineering services (TES).
The Government intends to use aRFID technology in applications that demand performance on a higher level than that available with bar code and other automated data storage and retrieval technologies. The aRFID Transponders will be affixed to assets or other objects of interest to capture and transmit varying amounts of data, which are stored and processed. The Government will use aRFID Interrogators to communicate with Transponders through RF energy. The Interrogator shall read information from all transponders, and write information to transponders with a read/write function. This feature enables a user to locate, track, and monitor the status of a transponder and its associated commodity and asset, or to alter the data stored in a transponder.
All aRFID hardware and software acquired under this contract shall be compliant with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 18000-7:2008 standards (which has Intellectual Property declarations) and the DoD Interoperability Guidelines.
Offeror's responsibilities may include hardware and software delivery and installation, as well as performance of associated training and warranty and maintenance services in CONUS and OCONUS Government sites. Performance of TES will be required at CONUS and OCONUS Government sites, and the Contractor facility.
The aRFID requirements include microprocessor-based, Radio Frequency Identification hardware, software, data communications, services and turn-key integration services to include: aRFID Technology; Radio Frequency (RF) Transponders; Fixed Interrogators; RF Remote Devices; Portable Printers; Transit Case Groups; Satellite Modem and Terminal; LAN Connectivity Devices; Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Chargers; Software (Configuration/Operational Software for PC, Configuration/Operational Software); upgrades and updates to all delivered Software; Separately Orderable Components; Contractor-provided Technical Engineering Services (Installation, De-installation, and Relocation of RFID components) Middleware Development Services for Task Orders; commercially available middleware for Task Orders; System Integration IUID marking and Implementation Support services; Software Development Services; Warranty; and Training
This Request for Information (RFI) is for planning purposes only and shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the Government. This is NOT a request for quotations or proposals. No solicitation document exists, and a formal competitive solicitation may or may not be issued by the Government as a result of the responses received to this RFI.
Specification sheets have been provided (Attachment Hardware_Spec_Sheet_ST_654.pdf and Active Fixed - Pod - Tablet RFID Interrogator Spec Sheet.docx) as an example of the tags and Interrogator currently used with the RFID contract, and information about the AMIS aRFID contract can be found at http://usarmyamis.army.mil/Contracts_RFIDIV.html.
Please provide a short paragraph as to whether products meet the following (see items a through e below) and a copy of your published product specification sheet.
a. The government seeks industry comment on aggregation of supply orders, lead times, or other factors that can affect costs
b. The government seeks industry comments on compliance with the ISO/IEC 18000-7:2008 Standard and DoD Interoperability Guidelines (attachment included)?
c. The government seeks industry comments on the ability to customize the transponder identification with a customized format to be provided at a later date
d. For all products, the government seeks information on location of manufacture, or final assembly - and certification that complies with the US Trade Agreements Act?
Please submit responses to this RFI by close of business, 4:00PM (CST) on November 11, 2019 by e-mail to Luke Welling, Contract Specialist, at luke.m.welling.civ@mail.mil. Responses should include the following information:
a) Name and address of the company/organization responding to the RFI
b) Name, phone number, and e-mail address of the company/organization point of contact
c) If the responder is a potential source for the required products and/or services, provide the following:
1) CAGE Code
2) Business size and socioeconomic status: 8(a), Small Business, SDVOSB, VOSB, etc.
(Applicable NAICS is 334111.)
3) Primary line of business (e.g., integrator, manufacturer, distributor, dealer, etc.)
4) Potential role in a follow-on acquisition (i.e., prime contractor or subcontractor/supplier).
(Note: It is anticipated that the follow-on acquisition will be an all-or-none solicitation, therefore, the prime contractor(s) would be required to provide all required products and services.)
d) If the responder is a potential subcontractor/supplier, indicate those products and services which the responder could provide. As applicable, provide information (e.g., make and model, spec sheets, etc.) for the products the responder feels would meet the Government's requirements.
l) Other information (e.g., new technology that is anticipated to be released in the next three years) of which the Government should be aware.

Any information received as a result of this RFI will become the property of the Government and will not be returned to the responder. Responders are responsible for properly marking proprietary or sensitive information contained in their response.

Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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