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Opportunity closing date
10 December 2019
Opportunity publication date
11 November 2019
71222000: Architectural services for outdoor areas
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to be confirmed
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By May 2018, an interdisciplinary working group had drawn up a framework plan for the Spreepark, which reached the depth of a preliminary plan in fundamental questions. This essentially provides for the use of the Spreek as a park with a focus on art, culture and nature. An important component of the spatial concept is, among other things, to take up the historical identity of the site as an amusement park in the sense of an anthropogenically shaped space. The framework plan provides for the interweaving of landscape, architecture, scenography and art. The existing stock - the relics of the amusement park - will determine the new development: it will be preserved as far as possible, transformed and made a new experience, e.g. pedestrian paths will be created on the former rides. The old rides, paths and buildings are to be largely preserved and reused through artistic reinterpretation and functional revision. The site is also to be enriched by additional components from the fields of art and culture and given a modern and contemporary use, both in terms of production and for the purpose of exhibitions and events. The present framework plan includes a variety of rooms for studios, exhibitions and events (indoor and open-air). In addition, temporary interventions can be used to play in additional spaces and open up new action areas. Through the existing framework planning, the services of the object planning outdoor facilities for the work phases 1-2 have already been provided. Due to new findings from an economic feasibility study, the participation procedure and the ongoing development plan procedure, some of the preliminary planning must be supplemented or updated, but the statements made in the framework planning remain binding. The awarding authority assumes a maximum service expenditure of 50%. The specific requirements for the provision of services in LP 2 are described in detail in the description of services. the following procurement object results from the project-specific peculiarities:- mainly object planning services for outdoor facilities LP 3-9 as well as partial services of LP 2 for the attraction and entrance areas (A1-A3) as well as the development areas (B-C) of the Spreek park,- services related to objects of building planning and/or engineering structures in the scope of services for outdoor facilities,- assigned services from the scope of services for building planning or engineering structures,- assigned services from the scope of services for the building planning or the construction of the building, respectively. Structural design, above all for the purpose of the creative-dramaturgical integration of existing buildings into the outdoor facilities with regard to the given traffic safety obligation,- assigned services from the scope of services Structural design with regard to the building structures located in the outdoor facilities (footbridges, fences, freestanding or free-standing structures). (e.g. for off-road walls); precise definition of the building constructions to be considered, depending on the design, - special services, essentially from the areas of target planning (for scene-like existing buildings), project control (scheduling, interface definition between object and technical planning) and storytelling/scenography (storyboard, experience concept, concept for immersive storytelling).The specialist planning services for the basic development of the Spreepark have already been commissioned, as well as nature conservation planning and environmental construction supervision and the preparation and monitoring of a maintenance and development plan for the Spreepark. A tender procedure for the preparation of a sustainability concept for the Spreepark runs parallel to this tender.

Opportunity closing date
10 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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GrĂ¼n Berlin GmbH Ullsteinhaus, Altbau, 3. OG, Mariendorfer Damm 1 Berlin 12099 Germany

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