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18 October 2021
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22 September 2021
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The municipality of Wermsdorf wants to further renovate the building it owns, which is already being used as a day care centre. The roof and the windows of the roof have already been renovated. During the renovation, aspects of historic preservation were taken into account, which must always be the unconditional basis for further renovation work. Now the renovation of the outer shell (windows, facade) in the area of the ground floor and upper floor must be carried out. In the interior, the floors, the sanitary facilities, the heating and the electrical system are to be comprehensively renovated. This was only temporarily approved as a second structural escape route and must now be reconsidered. Not least in this context, the space requirements of the children to be cared for must be reassessed in order to examine and reconsider the possibilities of an escape route on this basis.The after-school care centre is to cover a future requirement for the accommodation and care of 99 to 125 children. The staff, including the management, is estimated to be 7 persons in the future. State Ministry for Social Affairs on the spatial requirements for day care facilities for children" of 02.06.2005. Considerations and references to the equipment of day care facilities for children should be based on the Sächs. Kita-Gesetz (SächsKitaG) and in the context of integration on the Sächs. Kita-Integrationsverordnung (SächsKitaIntegrVO) of 06.06.2017.The measure is funded through the funding programme of the Free State of Saxony "Active urban and local centres". The grant notice provides for an implementation period from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2025.For details, please refer to the tender text.
Description of the building structureThe existing building "Alte Post" has 3 full storeys. On the ground floor and the 1st floor there are mainly rooms for child care. On the 2nd floor, which is a fully usable floor within the attic, there are rooms for the staff and offices. There are also storage rooms. There is an attic floor which does not have any recreation rooms and is not suitable for this purpose. The exterior and interior walls of the ground floor and 1st floor are solid. On the 2nd floor the load-bearing construction consists of wooden parts of the roof structure. The roofing and the windows on the 2nd floor were renovated in accordance with the preservation order.The building is characterized by a large, centrally located partially solid or wooden staircase, entrances and exits are located on the ground floor both to the street side and to the courtyard side. There is a technical room, which has its own access.To ensure a second escape route, a steel external staircase with temporary approval was created.There are wooden beam ceilings. Only above the technical room a concrete ceiling was built.The building has a partial basement. The rooms can only be used to a limited extent due to the way they were built.Planning goalsThe interior of the building is in considerable need of renovation. In this respect, first of all, a restoration study is to be carried out and a monument preservation objective formulated, on the basis of which the professional restoration can and must then take place.In this respect, the facade is to be comprehensively renovated, including the framing of the windows and the windows themselves, whereby of course a uniform image is to be created with the already renovated 2nd floor.A change in the room cubature in the rooms of the ground floor and the upper floors is likely to contradict monument protection aspects. However, this is also to be examined.A qualified specialist planning for the room acoustics is to be prepared and thus a sound insulation suitable for the appropriate use is to be ensured.The establishment of a multi-functional room is to be considered.Currently, the requirements that are to be placed on an after-school care centre with an "integrative approach" are not fulfilled. This is especially true for the accessibility and the sanitary facilities.A building extension is to be provided to expand the space.Finally, the existing container building is to be completely dismantled and the outdoor facilities are to be redesigned as a whole.Space requirements for the after-school care centre/ requirements for an integrative facilityIn terms of space requirements, the recommendation of the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and the Environment is to be followed. State Ministry for Social Affairs and the equipment instructions there are to be followed. The space requirement must take into account up to 125 children and, in addition, rooms for doing homework and a multi-function room.Since the "promotion of the integration of children with disabilities" must also be taken into account in an after-school care centre, the access to the ground floor and the ground floor itself should be barrier-free. The necessary sanitary facilities are also to be constructed accordingly.Escape routesAn external staircase in the form of a steel staircase on the north-eastern outer wall was previously planned to ensure the second structural escape route from the last floor. This situation is to be considered under all necessary aspects and several variants are to be compiled for the creation of a permanent escape route corresponding to the legal bases also from the upper floors, in which child care takes place.Building servicesA share of regenerative energy is desirable for the heat generation of the buildings.The building services with regard to heating and heat distribution are to be completely renewed. Sufficient ventilation is to be provided, especially in the sanitary area. The electrical energy supply and distribution system is also to be renewed.Outdoor facilitiesThe outdoor facilities are to be redesigned, taking into account the removal of the existing container facility.Tender subject matter/financial and time-related conditionsThe total estimated costs (KG 300-500 and 700) are EUR 2,489,350.00 net. The project is to be implemented with funding from the "Active Urban and Local Centres" programme of the Free State of Saxony. The grant notice provides for an implementation period from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2025. All basic services of the HOAI for the following points should be subject of the tender:1. object planning building and interiors, LPH 3-9, § 34 HOAI2. Specialist planning - structural design, LPH 1-6, § 51 HOAI3. Specialist planning for technical building equipment, LPH 1-9 § 55 HOAI4. Specialist planning for outdoor facilities (outdoor facilities/traffic facilities), LPH 1-9 § 39, § 48 HOAIIn addition, the following basic services are required: thermal insulation and energy balance, room acoustics. Special services/consulting services are to be provided: Fire protection concept/fire protection certificate, fire brigade, escape and rescue plans, SiGeKo and preparation of energy certificate.Available documents/existing planning documentsThe service phases 1-2 according to §§ 34 ff. HOAI, object planning, the engineering office Weidemüller -Hochbauplanung-, Wurzen has rendered. All planning services rendered to date are published with this invitation to tender. Since the attachment of these documents and the announcement of the preliminarily engaged engineering offices take place, these engineering offices can also participate as applicants in this procedure.The existing planning status can very well be optimized and adapted.Because of the details, reference is made to the tender text.

Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
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