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Opportunity closing date
02 August 2021
Opportunity publication date
05 July 2021
71200000: Ar
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The client intends to award general planning services for a new extension and the conversion of the existing KGS Jägerstraße buildings in stages. The services to be provided by the general planner include the following services in particular:- Buildings and interiors,- Outdoor facilities,- Structural planning,- Technical equipment.
The client has commissioned a feasibility study for the relevant property of the Catholic Primary School (KGS), Jägerstraße 23a, 47166 Duisburg, Hamborn district, parcels 222/223, approx. 8,085 m2 property area, which includes the realisation of a replacement new building of a 4-stream primary school with approx. The result was a planning according to HOAI § 34 LPH 2, which provides for the construction of a new building on the same property in the first construction phase during ongoing school operation. Afterwards a temporary move of the school community into this new building takes place. In the following, the old building is to be gutted down to the shell and in parts also structurally deconstructed, upgraded and reconstructed to new building standards with a new floor plan design. The existing planning is first to be updated by the general planner in the specialist planning areas of the work phases 1-2 HOAI as well as AHO, synchronised with the existing planning and resubmitted in its entirety to the client for approval. The service phase 3 HOAI including all specialist planning services - separated according to new and old building - is then to be provided and submitted to the Client for approval.The cost calculation according to DIN 276: 2018 is to be broken down in the 3rd level according to the different types of construction. In the subsequent service phases, a continuous cost update in accordance with DIN 276:2018 is to be ensured. The component-related costs must also be broken down according to award units at all times.The CL, for its part, obtains an execution decision on the basis of this planning. The service phases 4-8 HOAI will initially only be called off optionally - if necessary separately for new and old buildings, as well as separately for planning areas in stages to be defined in more detail and depending on the resolution situation.It is planned to award the new building to a general contractor on the basis of a functional service description with supplementary lead details. The preparation of the supplementary LPH 5 will be carried out by the general contractor. The general planner is responsible for checking that the planning complies with the contract specifications. The old building, on the other hand, is to be planned up to and including LPH 5 HOAI. According to the current status, it is to be tendered and awarded in a maximum of 7 packages, for which detailed performance specifications with quantity take-offs are to be prepared. Where possible and reasonable, lump sums are to be calculated after review of the quantity estimates by the tendering bidders, otherwise a unit price contract can be concluded in whole or in part. However, the client also reserves the right to bundle the service packages and award them to a general contractor or to award them in whole or in part with a unit price contract.In particular, the following services are to be provided:Service profile:- Object planning,- LP 3, (optionally 4 8),- Service profile in accordance with §34 Buildings and interiors.Special service:- Geometrical and construction-related inventory (a budget for necessary component openings is to be shown separately),- The service phases 3-5 HOAI §34 HOAI are to be worked on with BIM,- The technical equipment and structural design are to be integrated at least in BIM,- Colour and material concept/guidance system,- Creation of a furnishing concept based on the educational requirements of the school,- Optional: Coordination commissioning between executors and operators,- Technical equipment HOAI §55,- LP 1-3 (optional 4-8),- Building services/electrical/elevator,- Plant groups 1-7.Special service:- The service phases 3-5 HOAI of the TGA are to be worked on with BIM,- Kitchen planning,- Structural design according to HOAI § 51,- LP 1-3 (optional 4-6).Special service:- The service phases 3-5 HOAI structural design are to be worked on with BIM,- Outdoor facilities according to section 2 HOAI,- LP 1-3 (optional 4-8),- Service profile according to §39 Outdoor facilities,- Fire protection consulting and planning according to. AHO, Booklet 17, June 2015,- Thermal insulation according to AHO, Booklet 23 of September 2015,- Barrier-free planning according to AHO, Booklet 40 of February 2021,- Noise protection,- Planning of pollutant remediation incl. expert supervision and site management.The coordination and integration of all services (overall project management) is to be provided by the object planner.The general planner is remunerated with a fixed flat fee.

Opportunity closing date
02 August 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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SD Schulbaugesellschaft Duisburg mbH Philosophenweg 23-25 Duisburg 47051 Germany

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