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06 July 2022
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03 June 2022
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The district of Kassel is planning to expand the Lilli Jahn School in 34376 Immenhausen due to increased requirements.4 classrooms are to be exchanged for support rooms in the existing building as a preliminary measure.The effort for this is largely of an organizational nature of the school.For the necessary support office, a room must be created in spatial proximity to the support rooms. This is to be discussed in the course of the basic investigation and included in the further planning process.For the materials of the care, as well as the storage of materials in the existing classrooms to create differentiation areas, a conceptual proposal is to be developed. The spatial changes are expected to be implemented with mobile partition walls and furniture in the rooms.The need from the space program extends here to 1 office and material storage for the care and 4 differentiation rooms.It is a new extension building with a gross floor area of approx. 1000m² with the following room program: 5 classrooms, 2 differentiation rooms, 1 office (school social work), 1 parents' consultation room, 1 storage room for school furniture, 1 multifunctional room with adjoining serving kitchen (the kitchen already exists in the existing building and must be integrated into the planning), incl. toilets, technical room and ancillary areas.Since the location is very limited in terms of space, the possibility of building on to the sports hall in a northeastern direction is a priority. The existing playing field is to be retained and built over at ground level. At the same time, this will create a roof over the playground, which is desired by the school administration. The new access road to the extension building must be planned and constructed in the outdoor area.The connection of the new building to the existing wood chip plant for heating must be planned.In the existing building, a restructuring with smaller reconstruction measures in the administration is planned, some of the areas must be reorganized. The scope of the space program with a NUF of approx. 150m².2 offices/meeting room (UBUS, BFZ), 1 meeting room (school management), 1 support room, 1 storage room for teaching materialsProject planning: Work phases 1-9 according to HOAI 2021 as a general planning service incl. technical planning and consulting services.It should be a phased commissioning, first the commissioning of the work phase 1-3 is planned.
General planning service incl. specialist and consulting services according to HOAI 2021:Object planning, work phases 1-9Supporting structure planning, work phases 1-6Technical equipment, plant groups 1 - 5 and 8, each work phase 1-9Open spaces, work phases 1-9Heat insulation and energy balancing, work phases 1-7Building acoustics (sound insulation) and room acoustics, work phases 1-7Fire protection concept and proof of constructive fire protectionSiGeKo service

Opportunity closing date
06 July 2022
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Landkreis Kassel - Der Kreisausschuss - Postfach 10 24 20 Kassel 34024 Germany

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