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26 August 2019
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24 July 2019
33631600: Antiseptics and disinfectants
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1.1 Slightly acidic (pH approx. 5.0 -5.5), non-drying preparation for surgical and hygienic hand washing with surfactants. Bottle* 0.5l 67001.2 Slightly acidic (pH approx. 5.0 - 6.0), free of dyes and fragrances, non-drying preparation for surgical and hygienic hand washing with surfactants, moisturizing and skin care substances, APG-based formula for people with sensitive skin. Bottle* 0.5l 361.3 Chlorhexide-free hand disinfectant for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection with prolonged effect. Contains at least 3 active substances from different chemical groups, without phenolic derivatives, with total alcohol content up to 66g/100ml of solution, acting on B, Tbc, F, V (HIV, HBV, HSV, Rota), with the content of caring substances, effective in surgical hand disinfection within 3 minutes. Non-allergenic. Medicinal product. Bottle* 0.5l 53501.4 Preparation for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection based on ethanol (min. 89 %), without iodine, chlorhexidine, isopropanol, phenol and its derivatives. Colourless formulation containing moisturising, conditioning and regenerating substances such as vitamin E, panthenol and glycerine. Hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500 within 30 seconds. Surgical hand disinfection according to EN 12791 within 90 seconds. Spectrum of action: B - 15s., F - 15s., Tbc - 20s., V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Rota, Noro (mouse) - 15s, Adeno, Polio - 2min.). 0.5l 240* bottle* 0.5l 240* packaging adapted to Dermados dispensersOrdering party requires compatibility of the preparation with pos. 1 and pos. 2 with the preparation with pos. 3 and pos. 4 2.1 Colourless, iodine free, without phenols and its derivatives, for skin decontamination and degreasing, applied before puncture, injection, blood collection, acting on all skin microorganisms (including MRSA) and V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Herpes, Adeno, Rota) in up to 2 minutes, with the possibility of being used in newborns. Medicinal product. Bottle up to 350 mlZ atomizer 924Bottle 1,0l 1802.2 Preparation coloured, iodine-free, without phenol derivatives, for skin disinfection and degreasing used before surgical procedures, invasive procedures, puncture points, acting on all skin microorganisms (including MRSA) and V (HBV, HIV, Herpes, Adeno, Rota) for up to 2 minutes. Medicinal product. 1.0l 10402.3 Bottle 1.0l 10402.3 Preparation for disinfecting skin, mucous membranes, antiseptics of burns, ulcers with dilution possibility, containing PVP-iodine with wide spectrum of action B, Tbc, F, P, V, S. Medicinal product. 1.0l 160 3.1 Preparation based on Chlorhexidine for washing hygienic hands, disinfecting hands, washing the patient's body. Achieving spectrum B, F, V. Medicinal product. bottle 0.5l 5503.2Preparation for the disinfection of mucous membranes, containing chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide and polyvideon as a thickening substance. Medicinal product. 0.5l120Bottle 1l 4203.3 Preparation for disinfection of oral cavity mucosa with chlorhexidine, iodine free, with spectrum of action B, F, V. Cosmetic. 0.5l 591 4.1 Enzymatic-tenside preparation for manual washing of endoscopes before disinfection effective in concentration up to 1 % for up to 15 minutes. Can be used in ultrasonic cleaners. CE mark. bottle up to 2l 1464004.2 Ready-to-use liquid preparation for manual and semi-automatic disinfection of flexible endoscopes and thermolabile instruments. It should contain peracetic acid in its composition. It should not contain aldehydes, phenol, QAC, amines and their derivatives in its composition. The preparation should not be additionally equipped with an activator. Spectrum: B (EN 14561 - up to 5 min.), F (C. Albicans, A. Nigger EN 14562 - up to 5 min.), Tbc(M. terrae EN 14563 - up to 5 min.), V (EN 14476 - up to 5 min.), S (EN 14347 - up to 5 min.), S(C.difficile) - up to 5 min. Reusable for up to 50 cycles or 7 days. Possibility to control the activity of the solution with stripes. The purchaser requires the delivery of 5,000 to 1,000 litres of working solution as a complete set of control strips, CE marking of the 5l canister (+ control strips included) 410 5.1 Aldehyde-free, active oxygen based preparation containing sodium percarbonate and TAED, without toluene and benzene derivatives for cleaning and disinfecting instruments, anaesthetic equipment, endoscopes, incubators, with the possibility of disinfecting polycarbonate equipment, acting after adding an activator for B, Tbc, F, V (Adeno, Polio virus) for up to 30 minutes, S (aerobic and anaerobic) for up to 6 hours. Activator with phosphoric acid content. The product is prepared in cold tap water. CE-marked. bucket of 2 kg 2500 solution 2 % 2 % activator 2l 2500 solution 2 %5.2 Preparation containing glutaraldehyde without additional activator acting on B, Tbc, F, V (Adeno, Polio virus) for up to 60 min. CE. canister* up to 6l 580005.3 Preparation based on sodium percarbonate based on active ingredient - peracetic acid, containing corrosion inhibitors for disinfecting and washing medical equipment and surfaces contaminated with organic matter. Spectrum of action (dirty conditions): B, Tbc, F, V (Adeno Polio virus), S (Cl. Difficile, Cl. Perfringens) for up to 10 minutes. Durability of the finished working solution 24 hours after preparation, pH of the working solution neutral. Medical device. CE mark. packaging up to 0.2kg 9005.4 Preparation for washing and disinfecting precision rotary tools, precision tools such as drills, bone cutters made of steel, hard diamond metals, abrasive and polishing tools such as: silicone rubber bands and ceramic tiles and tools for root canal treatment; without aldehyde, with activator, protecting metal tools against corrosion, bearing the CE mark. The ordering party's 2l 8* bottle is equipped with dosing devices DG 1, DG 3 from Ecolab. The canisters and the preparation must be compatible with these devices (confirmation from the manufacturer of the devices). The contractor undertakes to deliver 10 trays of 8 litres capacity, 10 trays of 2 litres capacity. 6.1 Preparation for simultaneous washing and disinfection of all surfaces in the hospital environment, free of aldehydes, chlorine, isopropanol, peracetic acid and active oxygen based on QAV, dodecylamine, 2-phenoxyethanol. Preparation without volatile and fragrant substances and with excellent material tolerance. Spectrum and duration of action: B, Tbc, F, V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Rota) - up to 15 min. Medical device canister* up to 6l 1140006.2 NaDCC based chlorine preparation in tablets acting on B, F, V for disinfecting washable surfaces with active chlorine content up to 1000 ppm. Can be used to flood blood stains. Possibility of widening the spectrum to include higher concentrations of Disputes (Clostridium Difficille). Durability of working solution min. 24 h.Biocidal product. up to 300 tablets3159006.3 NaDCC-based chlorine preparation in granules for the disinfection of surfaces contaminated with organic substances. Biocidal product. packaging up to 0.5 kg quantity of packaging 606.4 Preparation based on ethyl alcohol for quick disinfection of hard-to-reach surfaces of medical devices and other equipment. No aldehyde. Ready to use.Works on: B, Tbc, F, V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Vakzinia, Adeno, Rota) for up to 1 min./ Polyovirus for up to 10 min./ Papovavirus for up to 15 min.Medical device, bottle for up to 1 litre with atomizer 776.5 Chlorine preparation based on sodium chlorotoluene sulfonamide acting on B, V (Polio virus) for up to 30 min.Biocidal product. packaging 1kg quantity of packages 566.6 Disposable tissuesInserted with a disinfectant, alcohol-free, active against bacteria, Tbc, V,Fungi for the disinfection of small surfaces of medical devices not contaminated with biological material (e.g., for the disinfection of small surfaces of medical devices not contaminated with biological material). Medical device container 200 pieces number of packages 2106.7 Wipes for disinfection of small surfaces impregnated with propyl alcohol of the spectrum of action B, F, V (HBV, HIV, Adeno, rot) for up to 5 minutes, CE-marked medical device. medical device. container x 90 wipes number of packages 342 Supplementary packaging x 90 wipes number of packages 6426.8 Wipes for rapid disinfection and washing of medical surfaces (including e.g. ultrasound probes). Based on H2O2, alcohol-free, chlorine-free. A handkerchief with a size of 20x20cm. Spectrum of action:. Spectrum: B, Tbc, F, Cl. Difficile V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Adeno, Polyoma SV40) - 5 min. Flow-pack x 100 wipes number of packages 106.9 Dry, low dust wipes min. 20x38cm, weight min. 40g/m2, supplied in rolls (min. 99 pcs.) for use on all surfaces and medical equipment. The tissues will be flooded with the solution of the preparation from item 6.1. The effectiveness of the preparation must be confirmed by post-flooding tests. Package 1 roll containing 99 wipesRolume of rollers11646.10 Dosing unit compatible with wipes from position 6.9 durable, durable, reusable, supplied with replaceable closures in several different colors to properly label the contents of the dispenser. BucketNumber of pieces 136.11 Ready-to-use foam preparation for cleaning and quick disinfection of medical equipment and all alcohol-sensitive surfaces, containing glucoprotamine, aldehyde-free, freon-free packaging. Time and spectrum of action: B, F, V (Adeno, Papova, Rotavirus, HIV, HBV, HCV) - 1 min.; Tbc - 5 min. Medical device. 750ml bottle with a foam atomizer number of packages 706.12 Preparation applied in the form of foam, for washing and quick disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment sensitive to alcohol on the basis of hydrogen peroxide. Due to restrictions in the standard forms for the publication of notices in the Official Journal of the European Union - further detailed description in ToR 7.1 Ready-to-use alcoholic preparation for quick disinfection of small surfaces and hard-to-reach places; based on ethanol, alcohol content up to 50g/100g product; free of QAV, aldehydes and alkylamines; effective against B (including Tbc), F, V (HBV, HCV, HIV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Rotavirus, Norovirus, Adenovirus) for up to 1 min. Medical device: 1 litre bottle with atomizer 36407.2 Preparation based on 1-propanol for disinfection of small surfaces, devices, without aldehydes and alkylolamines, odourless, with the possibility of use in neonatal wards for disinfection of incubators, acting on: B, F, V (HIV, HBV, HCV, Rota, Vaccinia, Bird flu type A) - up to 2 min, Tbc up to 3 min, Polioma up to 5 min. Medical device. 750ml bottle with foam atomizer number of packages 172 8.1 Preparation for chemical and thermal disinfection at temp. Medical device canister 5l 108.2 Enzymatic washing preparation for washing surgical instruments, rigid endoscopes, glass, rubber objects, surgical footwear, temperature-sensitive oxidized aluminum. Medical device canister 5l 1208.3Nutralizing preparation based on citric acid for neutralization after alkaline washing. Medical device canister 5l 508.4 Preparation for chemical and thermal disinfection at temp. 60°C, based on a non-volatile active substance (e.g. sodium hydroxide). Medical device canister 5l 20 9.1 Enzymatic preparation for washing before disinfection, for use in the Olympus carwash. The preparation must be compatible with the Olympus miniETD and ETD3 car washes owned by the customer. Medical product. canister up to 5 litres 2259.2 Preparation based on glutaraldehyde bearing the CE mark, for machine disinfection and for use in the Olympus ETD car wash. The product must be compatible with the Olympus miniETD and ETD3 car washes owned by the customer. Medical product. canister up to 5 litres 410 10.1 Sodium hypochlorite, aqueous solution containing at least 140 g/l of active chlorine, expiry date at least 21 days from the date of delivery of the barrel or canister up to 35 kg 26950 11.1 DIALOX disinfectant and descaling agentOr equivalent canister5 litres 1511.2 Indicator strips for peracetic acid art 150 12.1 Preparation for hygienic and surgical hand washing in the form of an efficient washing foam. It has a skin-neutral pH value. Suitable for all skin types. Containing APG. Cosmetic. bottle* 0,4l 7212.2 Preparation, free of chlorhexidine, for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in the form of a low viscosity gel, containing ethanol, glycerine, aloe vera, panthenol, free of phenolic groups. Spectrum of action: B, F, Tbc, V (HIV, HBV, HCV, Rota, Noro, Adeno, Polio) during 2 min. Medicinal or biocidal product. bottle* 0.5l 4012.3 Gentle washing foam for washing children, infants and newborns from 1 day of age. Contains no dyes or fragrances. Cosmetic. bottle* 0.4l 1012.4 Bubble pump for preparations from item 12.1 and item 12.3 matching to Dermados dispensers Bubble pump for quantity of pieces 15 Packing adapted to Dermados dispensers 13.1 Liquid alkaline preparation for washing in washer-disinfectors of surgical instruments, endoscopes and anaesthetic equipment removing organic residues of dry and denatured blood type. Enables machine washing of medical instruments and equipment made of aluminum and plastic, not requiring neutralization, containing polycarboxylates, organic acids, alkalis, enzymes, tensides, preservative, corrosion inhibitor. Machine washing: temp. 50 - 60°C, concentration 0.2-1 %, ultrasonic washing: 0.5 %-2 %, elastic endoscopy washing: temp. 36 - 55°C. 20 l packaging, concentrate adapted to the central chemical dosing system. For example, Neodisher Mediclean Forte opak. 7613.2 Liquid neutralizing agent based on organic acids (citric acid), must meet the requirements of pre-washing in washer-disinfectors. Phosphate-, nitrate- and tenside-free surfactants, compatible with hydrogen peroxide washing technology. Maximum dosage wash down 5 ml/l. 20 l packaging, concentrate adapted to the central chemical dosing system. For example, Neodisher Z opak. 1613.3 Hydrogen peroxide cleaner. Adapted to a hydrogen peroxide dispensing system with a tank for safe dispensing. Dosage 3.5-7ml/l. Package 5 l, concentrate. For example, Neodisher Oxivario Packaging. 213.4 Liquid, low-foaming, neutral disinfectant with bactericidal, fungicidal, viricidal or mycobactericidal activity, based on glutaraldehyde and glyoxal, for the disinfection of objects of sensitive materials, free of formic aldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds. 20 l packaging, concentrate adapted to the central chemical dosing system. E.g. Neodisher Septo DN packaging. 713.5 Liquid flushing agent, surfactant, reducing surface tension. For quick, leak-free rinsing, significantly accelerates drying after washing and disinfection, containing preservatives. Effectiveness at 40 - 93oC. Working concentration 0,03-0,1 %. 20 l packaging, concentrate adapted to the central chemical dosing system. E.g. Neodisher MediKlar opak. 313.6 Liquid agent for the pre-washing and pre-disinfection of thermostable and thermolabile surgical instruments, including anaesthetic equipment made of rubber, silicone prior to machine decontamination and wet transport of surgical instruments. Does not contain aldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds. Does not cause hardening of proteins. Bactericidal and fungicidal activity Viricidal: covering (including HIV, HBV, HCV) of the solution in no more than 15 min. Tools in solution can be left in solution for up to 72 hours. 5 l pack, concentrate. E.g. Neodisher Septo PreClean packaging. 11813.7 Liquid agent for combined cleaning and disinfection of beds, trolleys, sterilization containers, operating tables, operating boots in washer-disinfectors. Bactericidal and viricidal activity (viruses 2 %, 2 min at 50oC). It contains, among others, glyoxal, glyoxylic acid and non-ionic surfactants. Package 20 l, concentrate. E.g. Neodisher Dekonta AF opak. 2713.8 Liquid flushing agent for trolleys in washer-disinfectors. pH-neutral and protects the flushed surface against corrosion. Contains polycarboxylates, non-ionic surfactants and preservatives. Package 20 l, concentrate. E.g. Neodisher TN opak. 413.9 Manual surgical instrument maintenance agent, ready to use, containing white paraffin oil (mineral oil / liquid paraffin), Due to restrictions in the standard forms for publication of notices in the Official Journal of the European Union - further detailed technical description of the subject matter of the contract can be found in the ToR 14.1 Liquid enzyme preparation for use in manual and automatic washing processes, intended for washing medical devices such as endoscopes; based on five enzymes (proteases, lipases, amylases, mannaises, cellulases); concentrate (working concentration from 0.01 % to 0.5 %). Preparation showing bactericidal and fungal activity. 5 litres 1014.2 Preparation for disinfection of flexible endoscopes, thermolabile equipment; active substance: peracetic acid with a microbiological efficiency of 14 days (with the possibility of controlling the activity of the solution by means of control strips). Spectrum: B, Tbc, F, V, S (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Clostridium sporogenes, Clostridium difficile) in up to 5 minutes. Medical device. Package. 5 litres 5014.3 Indicator strips for the determination of peracetic acid activity, compatible and dedicated for the preparation of item 14.2 packaging. x 50 pcs. 1514.4 Dry non-woven tissues, measuring 19 x 24 cm, inlaid with chlorine for washing and disinfecting various types of surfaces of equipment, organically contaminated sites and for removing bloodstains. Spectrum: bactericidal (including MRSA), mycobactericidal (M.avium, M.terrae), fungicidal (C.albicans, A. Niger) in 15 minutes, sporobic (EN 13704) against: B.subtilis, C.difficile (dirty conditions), C.perfringens - in 15 min.,C. sporogenes - 60 min., viruses (EN 14476) - Polio, Adeno and Noro in 5 min., yeast killers according to EN 16615:2015: Five minutes. Tested in accordance with the Tissue Specific Standard: EN 16615: 2015 (F2/2) The tissue releases 10,000 ppm of active chlorine. Biocidal product. Package. x 25 pcs. 20014.5 Preparation for washing and disinfecting the surfaces of medical devices based on hydrogen peroxide and ethanol. Fighting spectrum: B,Tbc,F,V,S. Capacity 100 m2. Medical device. Package. 1 litre 50 The Customer requires compatibility of the preparation from item 14.1 with the preparation from item 14.2 15.1 Concentrate for washing and disinfecting surfaces of medical equipment and large washable areas such as medical beds, operating room floors and walls. Contains QAV, amines and alcohols. It has very good washing properties. A product with high material tolerance also for acrylic glass, which can be used in the presence of patients and on surfaces in contact with food. Contains no aldehydes, phenols, guanidines, chlorine or peroxide compounds. It has a pleasant floral fragrance and does not require rinsing. Possibility of using the preparation within 5 minutes and concentration. 0.5% with effect on: B (including MRSA, Salmonella, Acineobacter), F (C.albicans and A.niger), V (HCV, BVDV). Spectrum of action of bacteria (including Legionella, Klebsiella, Salmonella, Acineobacter), BVDV(HCV) viruses 0,25 % in 5 min; fungi and yeasts, Vaccinia virus 0,25 % in 15 min; Tuberculosis mycobacteria, Adeno virus 0,5 % in 15 min; Polio and Adeno virus 0,25 % in 30 min; spores 0,5 % in 30 min. Preparation registered as a Class IIa medical device. Package. 5 litres 30 16.1 Disposable swabs with 2 % chlorhexidine and 70 % isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and disinfecting infusion line connections, needle-free access intravenous catheter systems and luer tip components. Gaziki with dimensions up to 162x150mm Medical product. Biocidal efficacy of S. Aureus, E. Coli, P. Aureginosa according to PN-EN 13727 and C. Albicans according to EN 13624 Medical product packaging x 100 pcs. 30 17.1 Ready-to-use cap for washing and disinfecting hair, scalp and MDRO decontamination, moisturised, water-free, for immobilised patients before surgery. It should contain a solution of 2 % chlorhexidine or the active substance octenidine - a substance with no sensitising properties, no dyes or fragrances, and alcohol-free, softening the skin to remove dirt from it. It is applied to dry hair, which does not need to be rinsed after washing. Packed individually. Cosmetic.Art 288 18.1 Preparation in the form of a foam for cleaning and care of contaminated skin. Containing gas as a carrier. Paraffin-based, containing benzyl alcohol, phenyl ethyl alcohol and tensides. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Suppresses unpleasant odours at pH 7. Cosmetic. package. 500 ml. 600 ml. 19.1 Bio-security package consisting of an absorbent blanket with high disinfectant properties based on peracetic acid (B,F,V,Tbc,S to 2 minutes reduction by no less than 6 log) and dimensions of no less than 39x39 cm and two individually wrapped disinfectant tissues B,V,F,F,Tbc; without alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine and phenols content not less than 5 logs) with dimensions not less than 29x29 cm; Packaging with a closure allowing easy transport of the used content and disposal. Medical device according to EN1275, EN1276, EN13704, EN14348, EN14476, EN14561, EN14562 and EN14563 art 20 20.1 Preparation for washing and disinfection of surgical and ophthalmic instruments, medical equipment, surfaces and endoscopes based on active oxygen, without the need for activator. Spectrum of action: B, F (Candida albicans, Aspergillus Niger), V (polio, adeno, rota, HIV, HBV, HCV, noro), M. terrae, M. avium, M. tuberculosis, S (B. Subtilis, C. Difficile) - at concentrations from 0.5 %. Stability of the working solution - 36 hours. Preparation tested according to European standards: 14 561,14 562,14 563,14 563, 14 476, 1,5 kg 4 21.1 Ready-to-use, colourless alcoholic preparation for skin decontamination before blood collection, injections, catheterization, punctures and operations; containing two active substances (only alcohols ethanol and propane-2-ol); Iodine-free, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, phenols and its derivatives; suitable for use in infants, premature infants and infants according to the PGI; with an extended duration of action up to 24 hours; effective against bacteria (gram+ and gram-, including MRSA, Tbc, E.coli), fungi, viruses (Vacina, HIV, HCV, HBV - 15s, Rotawirus, Polio); packed in 250ml packages with atomizer; medicinal product packaging. 75 22.1 Sterile ready-to-use liquid surface disinfectant for sterile areas containing 70 % solution (v/v) of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in injection water. A sterile, triple-packed, ready-to-use packaging equipped with an adjustable sprayer, the contents of the packaging must remain sterile during use. 500 ml bottle with a 60 washer 23.1 A ready-to-use, low alcohol, colourless formulation for cleaning and disinfecting small surfaces and alcohol-resistant and alcohol-sensitive medical devices (telephones, keyboards, monitors, etc.). It shall not contain any amine derivatives, hydrogen peroxide or aldehydes containing min. 2 aliphatic alcohols (max. 30g/100), ph 3-3,6. Spectrum of action: B, Tbc (M. Terrae), F (Candida Albicans), V (Vaccinia, BVDV, Rota, Noro) for up to 5 min. Possibility to use as foam, good material compatibility with stainless steel, polyethylene, aluminum and polycarbonate - confirmed by laboratory tests. Can be used in neonatal wards. Medical device. 1 litre bottle 10023.2 Ready-to-use non-viscose wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and alcohol-resistant and alcohol-sensitive medical devices (e.g. monitors, medical devices, touch screens). They should not contain any aldehydes, oxidising compounds, containing min. Spectrum: B, Tbc (M. Terrae), F (Candida Albicans), V (Vaccinia, BVDV, Rota, Noro) in up to 5 minutes, possibility to extend the spectrum with Adeno virus in longer time (up to 15 minutes). Can be used in neonatal wards (dermatologically tested). Handkerchiefs measuring min. 20 x 20 cm., showing good material compatibility with stainless steel, polyethylene, aluminium and polycarbonate, confirmed by laboratory tests. Medical device. packagingX 100 pieces 300 24.1 Sporobic, liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting organically contaminated medical surfaces (e.g. hospital bed mattresses, bed frames, operating theater tables) on the basis of chlorine dioxide. Free of aldehydes, phenols, peracetic acid, QAC. Each sachet contains 50 ml of the base solution (5 % citric acid), 50 ml of the activator solution (2,1 % sodium chlorite solution). Can be used in the presence of patients. Spectrum of action: B, V, F, Tbc, S - in up to 5 min. The packaging is sufficient to prepare 5 l of the working solution. Medical device sachet 50ml+50ml 500 25.1 Disposable tissues for rapid disinfection of surfaces and medical devices (disinfection of transvaginal ultrasound heads) based on a mixture of three different quaternary ammonium compounds. Spectrum of action: B (including MRSA), F, V (Polio, Adeno, Poloma, Vaccinia), spory (C. difficile) in up to 2 minutes. The solution must not contain alcohols, chlorine, aldehydes, phenols. Tested according to EN 16615 confirmed by tests and according to EN 16777 confirmed by tests. Package: dosing box. - 100 tissues with dimensions of 20 cm x 22 cm and weight min. PackagingX 100 pieces 30025.2 Handkerchiefs for quick disinfection of small surfaces and medical devices (e.g. stethoscopes) based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Spectrum of action B (including MRSA), F for up to 1 min., V (HBV, HIV, HCV, Rota, Vaccinia) for 30 sec., Papova/Polyoma - 2 min. The solution they are soaked in must not contain alcohols, chlorine, aldehydes, phenols. (dermatological opinion). Package size approx. 6.5 x 12.5 cm containing 20 pieces of tissue size 14 cm x 20 cm and weight min 18g/m2 made of polypropylene. Package X 20 pieces 300

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26 August 2019
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