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10 December 2019
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13 November 2019
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to be confirmed
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Together with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Federal Foreign Office (AA) will carry out a joint strategic evaluation of the engagement of both ministries in Iraq. The BMZ portfolio is being evaluated by the German Development Cooperation Evaluation Institute (DEval). The evaluation of the AA portfolio will be led by an external team of evaluators (AA contractors) selected under this procurement procedure. This strategic evaluation is to take place under the formation of a working group consisting of the DEval and the AA-AN. The aim of this cooperation is a synthesis report prepared jointly by the two evaluation teams, which will be supplemented by in-house reports for the AA (led by the AA contractor) and for the BMZ (led by the DEval). a. Support for Iraqi IDPs, Syrian refugees, host communities and vulnerable returnees in Iraq in the areas of basic health care, psycho-social support, shelter, WASH, food supply and protection;) and foreign cultural and educational policy measures (including support for cultural participation and civil society perspectives; reconstruction of the higher education landscape). Furthermore, the transitions and interfaces to the BMZ areas of crisis management and reconstruction, infrastructure (KWI) (development-promoting and structure-building transitional aid), to the BMZ special initiatives and to bilateral state development cooperation are to be investigated. the aim of the evaluation is to carry out an independent and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the AA commitment - and in cooperation with DEval - of the transitions and interfaces between the commitments of the two ministries in order to gain and use findings for AA management and joint AA-BMZ management. The evaluation will also provide insights into the relevance, effectiveness and overarching impacts, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity as well as coordination, coherence and complementarity of the AA's Iraq engagement in both ministries. Furthermore, the evaluation must provide recommendations for action to optimise the AA exposure, the overall exposure and individual measures, structures and processes in order to be able to adjust the current portfolio if necessary. Finally, the AA-BMZ engagement in Iraq can be used to identify possible learning experiences for comparable AA-BMZ engagements in other crisis contexts. 300-360 working days are estimated by the AG to be required for this evaluation. Incidental expenses such as travel expenses to and in Iraq must be calculated within the budget. The planned period is February 2020 to June 2021. Services to be provided include the preparation of impact models, the holding of workshops, an inception report prepared jointly by the two evaluation teams and an AA-specific part prepared by the AA-AN. Furthermore, an AA-specific evaluation report and a synthesis report together with the DEval are to be drawn up by the AN. A joint field phase of AA-AN and DEval is planned for data collection in Iraq.

Opportunity closing date
10 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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