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Opportunity closing date
22 October 2021
Opportunity publication date
22 September 2021
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The commune of Floirac wishes to renew, modernise and adapt to new technologies the street furniture installed on its territory. The purpose of this consultation is to provide, install, maintain, service and commercially operate street furniture, whether advertising or not. It is made up of two lots: Lot No. 1: Installation and maintenance of street furniture intended for display Lot No. 2: Installation and maintenance of public and commercial micro-signage
basic offer: It concerns : - the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of 20 street furniture units (10 of which are scrolling) intended for billposting in 2 square metre format (one city side and one commercial side) - the printing and placing of municipal posters on all the municipal sides (approximately 15 campaigns per year). These campaigns may consist of one poster to be placed on the entire network or two separate posters to be placed on the two half-networks. The city can determine the distribution of the posters on the faces concerned. The city, on a limited number of campaigns (3), may request that the network be able to accommodate a larger number of separate posters. - the installation and maintenance of 20 free display units of approximately 2m² in size - the installation, maintenance and upkeep of 4 digital newspapers for the dissemination of municipal information in the form of: texts, images, videos, etc. - the installation, maintenance and upkeep of 2 interactive urban information panels. Optional Variant: The variant must be fully compliant with the basic offer. The Basic Bid will be adjusted over 12 years with the following additional services: - 10 free display panels - the development of a mobile application - 1 digital newspaper the micro-signposting of the commercial and craft activities of the commune by means of slatted street furniture. The devices will be made up of: - A base, mast or two masts, - Slats with a maximum length of 110 cm and a maximum height of 20 cm. A maximum of 7 slats will be accepted per base. - different devices between commercial micro-signs (low masts or bi-masts, 150 to 160 cm maximum) and those of public facilities (single mast, "flag" slats, height under the last slat: 230 cm minimum). In return, slats must be proposed to the community to allow the indication of public places and services, especially communal ones.

Opportunity closing date
22 October 2021
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ville de floirac 6 avenue Pasteur Floirac 33270 France

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