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06 July 2022
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08 June 2022
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The contractor is expected to communicate internationally and nationally on behalf of Tourism Flanders to consumers, external partners, policy makers and to the tourism sector in Flanders.
This lot relates to the heritage experience in Flanders. In this legislature Tourism Flanders wants to strengthen, make more visible and connect numerous heritage sites and experiences. We do this through five storylines: (1) Flemish Masters in their historical context, (2) Castles and Gardens, (3) Religious Heritage, (4) Great War and (5) Urban Heritage - A Life Story. The storylines around Flemish Masters, castles and gardens and the development of an umbrella heritage network are given priority. In an umbrella network we connect actors with the concept of 'Travelling to Tomorrow'. In this way we lift each other to a higher level and we show (international) visitors the way to cultural and heritage experiences. This plot relates to the experience of nature in Flanders. 'Flanders Natural' is a new theme. It includes forests, parks, other natural landscapes and agricultural areas as well as waterways, the coast and the North Sea. We are always looking for a balance between the natural values, the landscape values and the co-use of the landscape, as well as its touristic and recreational use. For this theme we work together with a series of strong partners and experts in the field. Within the theme of Flanders Natural we distinguish 3 story lines: (1) National Parks and Landscape Parks, (2) Rural and Nature Tourism and (3) Recreational Walking. In the current policy period we are starting research and developments around this theme to map out the potential of 'Flanders Naturally'. The existing offerings are already in the spotlight. In a next phase we will bring new developments and make the theme even more experienceable. This plot relates to the culinary assets of Flanders. For some 40% of Europeans, food is one of the most important motivators when choosing a travel destination. The culinary experience is a way to get to know Flanders better. We identify, develop and promote strong culinary storylines which contribute to the international reputation of Flanders and generate added value for inhabitants, entrepreneurs and visitors. To achieve this goal, we work according to a two-pronged approach: we strengthen our already built culinary reputation and we use this reputation to support and strengthen other Flanders-wide content themes. We opt for two strong storylines that underline the culinary reputation of tradition and innovation:(1) Flemish products that form the basis for Flemish dishes, delicacies from here and unique stories. Craftsmen produce and process these products.(2) Our rich Belgian beer culture with both traditional and innovative beers from Flanders. This plot relates to the cycling experience in Flanders. We have already invested and developed a lot in the field of cycling and recreational cycling. As an agency, we would like to go one step further by becoming a true cycling country. Vlaanderen Fietsland' appeals to different target groups and is accessible to many people. It is an ideal binding agent between the various themes. Together with the congress operation and EventFlanders it also offers the possibility to attract congresses and events to Flanders. Within the theme of Flanders Bike Country, we distinguish two storylines: - Cycling in FlandersWe already have a strong reputation as a cycling country among the fanatics and want to strengthen this even more in order to use cycling as a catalyst to stimulate recreational cycling. With 'Cycling in Flanders' we create the framework within which everyone can turn into a real Flandrien.- Flanders by bikeWe develop and promote recreational cycling as a healthy and sustainable means of transport in order to connect and visit experiences within the other themes in Flanders. Nine iconic cycling routes - or 9 thematic long-distance cycling routes - form the framework for experiencing the best of Flanders by bike during a cycling vacation. This plot relates to Flanders as a top destination for international congresses. Conferences of international associations offer a wealth of opportunities to connect visitors with the place, its inhabitants and entrepreneurs. In the new legislature we will make a clear shift towards 'better' congresses, which are thematically strongly locally anchored and domains in which Flanders excels. We want to create added value for all parties.'Create tomorrow's heritage' is a concretization of the positioning story of 'Cutting Edge Craftmanship'. We strengthen the positioning through the content of two storylines:(1) Intellectual heritageThrough the storyline 'Intellectual heritage' we position Flanders as the cradle of knowledge, science and research. We link this to the umbrella positioning of 'Create tomorrow's heritage' where you can experience old and recent groundbreaking discoveries at destination Flanders. Together with the public sector, the academic and business world, we are committed to developing and connecting visitable experiences around science and innovation in a network that is in line with the transition priorities.(2) Flanders Special Meeting VenuesBy 2030, we want Flanders to be recognized as a top destination for conferences and events that offer a great experience. The international association world must also link Flanders with a strong heritage and high-tech quality experience.

Opportunity closing date
06 July 2022
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