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South West to San Jose: How to take your business to the world

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Come along to this virtual event and find out how Fleur Turner of Fleur of England and Raj Sandhu of Bikal grew their businesses internationally, now selling their products and services worldwide. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their top tips for selling overseas and find out more about the UK Export Academy’s free training programme.

What you’ll learn

  • how to successfully start to sell overseas
  • how to overcome challenges and hear about lessons learnt from successful exporters
  • gain insight into various business models that have been successful in international markets


Join business owners Fleur Turner and Raj Sandhu find out how they turned their businesses into successful companies selling internationally. Fleur Turner of Fleur of England now sells her lingerie collections to North America and worldwide, whilst Raj sells his AI and 5G services to clients in Europe and the Middle East.

We’ll also be joined by DBT’s Nigel Barker, Digital Trade Adviser who will share valuable insight & knowledge of the digital sector and Emily Lambert, Export Academy Adviser and host of the session.

Join our online panel of experts to hear first-hand about the challenges and triumphs of exporting. Answering your key questions such as:

  • How did they get started and take those first steps into export?
  • How did they find their first customer?
  • What challenges did they face and what would they do differently today?
  • What support did they have and how can DBT help?
  • How did they finance their growth?


Raj Sandhu

CEO, Bikal

We provide systems and software that are 5G and Artificial Intelligence enabled. Our product is based in tech transfer from UK universities, who have researched problem statements and new disruptive methods of applying technology. Bikal searches for problem statements in industry and government sectors.

Our work with the DBT is to transfer knowledge to foreign markets, where our company works with local partners to localise and develop the product to provide in-country value.

Our international experience means we can work with local systems integrators and distributors so that the product is supported after the installation for many years to come.

Fleur Turner

CEO & Founder, Fleur of England

Launched by Fleur twenty-three years ago, Fleur of England started as an exclusive British lingerie label and has since blossomed into an award-winning brand. Now a globally recognised label known for its feminine and sensual designs, exquisite fit and bespoke embroideries. The brand comprises of exclusive wholesale stockists and a strong e-commerce business. Fleur’s mission remains the same as it did twenty-three years ago. “To create luxury lingerie to make women feel exquisitely confident”.

Nigel Barker

Digital Trade Adviser, Department for Business and Trade

Nigel has been working with web technologies since 1992 whilst working as a programmer for DEC. Since then he has worked across levels of the digital arena.

A systems architect by trade, before gaining a wealth of experience as an Account Director in a marketing agency, winning awards for his social media campaigns, he brings together a deep knowledge of the tech that drives the web today and the commercial and creative skills needed to deliver engagement and sales.

Nigel has been supporting businesses across all sectors with their online presence and strategy as a Digital Adviser with the Department for 7 years and still understands that everyday is a school day.

Emily Lambert

UK Export Academy Adviser, Department for Business and Trade

Emily joined the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) in 2020 following a career in the defence and security sector.  Prior to joining DBT, Emily worked in operations management, commercial support and strategic leadership, within both private companies and industry groups. 

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