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Selling overseas to the USA: top tips to ensure your business is tax compliant

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We'll cover the five things you should do to be tax compliant when selling overseas to customers in the United States.

What you’ll learn

  • How Sales and Use taxes work in the US, how to collect and remit it, plus how it differs from VAT and other taxes more common in Europe
  • How new digital requirements will transform the way tax is managed across the US and in other global markets
  • Five things every business entering the US must do to achieve tax compliance


Selling overseas to new markets provides an exciting opportunity to expand your business, but in doing so you become liable to tax regulations in new jurisdictions around the world.

We know from experience that understanding sales and taxes presents a host of unique challenges, complications and requirements, especially for companies entering the US market for the first time.

With varying rates, rules and regulations in place across each of the 50 US states, achieving fast and accurate tax determination and application can be challenging, with heavy penalties for non-compliance.

Why not join this session to understand how to create a solid tax strategy and demystify the requirements when planning your global expansion in the United States.


Andrew Bohnet

Global Solutions Architect, Innovate Tax

Andrew is one of the world’s most decorated tax technologists and popular industry speakers. He founded Innovate Tax in 2012 and has designed and implemented automated tax solutions for more than 100 global organisations. Andrew has extensive experience of delivering tax configurations in all major ERPs and is proud to be the tax industry’s only Oracle ACE.

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