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International Marketing: A beginner's guide for non-marketeers

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Do you want to know how to market your business to overseas clients, but don't know where to start? Join us to understand the concept of marketing and its role in business growth and international expansion.

What you’ll learn

  • how to set realistic, clear and measurable marketing goals for your international ventures
  • top tips on how to reach new global markets through your choice of channels and impactful messaging
  • what content pillars to use for your content strategy


It’s currently predicted that in 2023, global e-commerce retail sales will reach $6.1 trillion and set to rise further in 2024. To win a share in your chosen market, its important to go back to marketing basics to ensure you are targeting the right audience with the right messages at the right time.

During this session we’ll look at the marketing strategy basics from setting your goals and understanding your ideal customer to choosing the best channels and how to measure your success. We’ll also cover the basics of content creation helping you to set your content pillars are remove the overwhelm from creating content to support the efficient acquisition and conversion of new business.


Jules Brim, ACIM

Marketing and communications professional and Founder, Marketing Mixology

Jules is a versatile marketing and communications consultant with over a decade's experience of helping businesses with steady and sustainable growth.

She provides practical and affordable marketing advice and solutions for SME and small businesses. Jules is proficient across the full marketing mix with a track record of delivering impactful and revenue generating multi-channel campaigns.

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