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Get your business ready for the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Do Dubai and Abu Dhabi interest you as your first or next target market for your products or services? Don't miss out on this session to discover why the UAE is one of the UK's most important trading partners and offers high potential for companies to grow there.

What you’ll learn

  • the opportunities and market access requirements for UK companies when trading in the UAE
  • how to set up a company in the UAE and work with agents and distributors
  • how the Department for Business and Trade team can support you when selling to the UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a high-income country with Dubai as a leading regional hub and commercial capital for the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. The UAE is a major entry route into other Gulf countries and an important market for re-export into other countries. There are over 5,000 British companies operating in the UAE and UK exports totalled £16.1 billion to the UAE for the four quarters to the end of Q2 in 2023 - do you want a part of that?

In this session, we will provide you with an overview of the opportunities of selling overseas to the UAE market and how to confidently navigate the Emirati regulatory environment.

You’ll also be introduced to the Department for Business and Trade support available to assist you when selling to Emirati customers. There will be time for Q&A with our experts, so don't forget to bring along your burning questions for trading in UAE!


Ayman Al Awadhi

Co-Founder, The Corporate Group (TCG), Dubai

Ayman Al Awadi is an inspirational leadership speaker and a business visionary and aims to empower startups, individuals and organizations with knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. He aims to cultivate and nurture leadership excellence, corporate governance and transformational projects as a leading Emirati-family business based in Dubai with an international approach.

Ayman is a Co-Founder of The Corporate Group (TCG) based in Dubai with subsidiaries in KSA, Oman and UK. TCG attracts FDIs of corporates and startups across all business sectors to do business in the UAE and GCC region.

Juan Carlos

Business Operations Professional, Corporate Trade House

Carlos is a trained Business Operations Professional in the Distribution of FMCG, management, importing and exporting of food and drinks. He’s responsible for the day-to-day operations including implementation of growth plans and partner management and coordination with the Saudi Arabia and Oman offices.

Aside from growing and expansion in the UAE, he plays a key role in building the brands in the new markets like Saudi Arabia and Oman by ongoing engagements with major retailers together with the team in these markets.

Fayha Sultan

UK Account Director – Business Development, The Corporate Group (TCG)

Fayha, based in London, specialises in the UAE commercial market. She assists companies in the UK with their market entry into the UAE and Saudi Arabia in collaboration with UK and UAE organisations.

Fayha previously worked as the Marketing Manager for Commerce at the UK and Ireland representative office of Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM). She collaborated with various UK government entities in assisting UK companies into the UAE market to deliver Dubai’s vision and objectives in becoming the number one global business destination.

Fayha has an exemplary track record, and through her extended tenure working with multiple UAE organisations she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the Gulf market, its cultural practices and strategies.

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