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Business growth challenge: Bidding and closing deals

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Join us for the final week of our free business growth programme to grow your business overseas. This session will teach you the need-to-knows on bidding and closing a deal.

What you’ll learn

  • how to close a deal overseas
  • use a review gateway to ensure you land the deal
  • negotiation skills


About the challenge

Hosted by business growth transformation and training organisation Growth Ignition, the challenge is made up of five sessions that take you through the life-cycle of planning for, and executing on, a successful growth strategy. We start with strategy development, working through how to conduct market research, writing your business plan and in week two – developing your marketing strategy. We then move in the following weeks into execution of the strategy through tactics in developing value propositions for clients, pitching and presenting and finally best practices in bidding and negotiating deals.

Each week attendees will be issued with templates and tools to complete as well as access to recordings of the sessions.

Week 5

Bidding and closing deals

Attendees with gain an understanding of what is involved in successfully bidding and winning deals for work abroad – from preparation and making good bid decisions to developing your solution and story-boarding and writing your content, using review gateways to ensure quality and negotiation skills to land the deal. You will also get a free bid process template and suite of templates and tools.


Jeremy Brim

Award-winning business capture expert and APMP Accredited Lecturer and Founder, Growth Ignition

Jeremy brings 20 years of experience as a bid management professional across both the public and private sectors. He has led successful bid functions spanning professional services, outsourcing and construction Jeremy has secured an enviable collection of high-profile projects, programmes and frameworks with blue chip clients around the globe.

In the Autumn of 2018 Jeremy founded Growth Ignition, where he works with leadership teams and business owners as a consultant and adviser to plan and deliver sustainable growth through analysis and interventions across the sales cycle. Jeremy has also taken on leadership of the bid toolkit bringing with him a wealth of bidding knowledge and desire to help businesses of all sizes improve their win rates.

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