The UK is a global fintech hub with extensive financial services experience, technological talent and progressive regulation

Why the UK for Fintech?

Innovation Hub

The UK is a global leader in fintech innovation, with diverse startups and established companies that push boundaries and transform industries. The UK is home to 37 fintech unicorns, second only to the US (source: gov.ukopens in a new tab). With 18 fintech unicorns (source: Tech Nationopens in a new tab), London ranks second after the Bay Area in the US.

Regulatory Excellence

Benefit from a robust regulatory framework that balances innovation with consumer protection, fostering trust and stability in financial ventures.

Investment and Growth Potential

The UK is the third largest destination for investment in fintech services, holding 10% of the global market share (source: The UK has one of the highest consumer Fintech adoption rates in the world, with 71% of UK citizens utilising fintech services (source:

High quality, high tech companies

The UK is home to companies that provide innovative fintech solutions including:

Case studies

Learn how UK expertise supports US and Canadian ambition by downloading the PDF below.

Exporting to North America

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