Artificial Intelligence

Why the UK for AI?

A growing AI hub

The UK is a powerhouse of European AI, home to a third of Europe’s AI start-up companies and twice as many as any other European country (source: The UK now has more than 1,300 AI companies - a 600% increase in the number of firms over the last decade - with a collective turnover of almost £1.47 billion (source:

Surge in venture capital investment

Over the last decade, venture capital investment rocketed from £88.4 million to more than £1.47 billion. Investment in UK deep tech continues to rise, with £2.3 billion invested in 2020, representing a 291% increase over the last 5 years (source:

Home to Deeptech Unicorns

The UK is home to 21 unicorns in Deeptech (3rd after US and China. (source: gov.ukopens in a new tab).

Attracts AI Researchers Globally

The UK is the second most-likely global destination for AI researchersopens in a new tab after the USA.

High quality, high tech companies

The UK is home to companies that provide AI solutions including:

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