The UK-Nordic-Baltic collaboration is not new. For years we've been developing faster solutions, increasing economies of scale and bringing down costs more quickly.

Here are some of examples of our collaboration in action.


Big Issue eBike - Biking For Good

BigIssue eBikes is coming to Bristol to offer a better mobility option.

ShareBike website


Post COP26 - The Road Ahead

Event about the journey from COP26 to COP27 and COP15 Biodiversity Conference.

COP26 website


Oslo Innovation Week 2022

Participants met the most innovative business leaders in Norway and the UK.

Oslo Innovation Week website


North Sea Link

North Sea Link is a 720 kilometre subsea interconnector linking the electricity systems of the UK and Norway. 

North Sea Link website


Self-driving delivery robots

Starship's robots are delivering to the residents of Milton Keynes, UK seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Starship website