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The Global Talent Network is a global community of talented professionals with an interest in working in priority science and technology roles in the UK. We forge connections between top international talent and employers, provide information about moving to and living in the UK, and help individuals to navigate the UK’s wide range of visa options.

Who can benefit from joining the Global Talent Network?

Currently, the programme supports people in India and the USA who are interested in working in the UK’s AI, Quantum and Life Sciences sectors and have:

  • a track record of delivering in technical AI roles (e.g. data scientist, data analysts, developers, research engineers, machine learning engineers); or
  • a PhD in quantum technologies and related fields, including, quantum computing architecture, software control, algorithms, electronics, and photonics; or
  • the commercial and fundraising skills and experience to support innovative life sciences and healthcare companies to scale.

How can the Global Talent Network support me?

We offer Global Talent Network members a range of support and advice, helping them to plan a move to the UK, including:

  • information about UK job and funding opportunities that match their interests and career goals
  • information about living and working in the UK, including on places to live, healthcare and culture
  • access to networks and peers working in the UK
  • support to navigate visa options
  • a dedicated point of contact to address questions about moving to the UK

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Get in touch

If you are interested in moving to the UK and meet the above criteria, then the Global Talent Network team at the UK's Department for Business and Trade would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with the team to find out more or to arrange an introductory chat.

How can the Global Talent Network support my organisation?

The Global Talent Network team can help UK based organisations to tap into international talent pools in the United States and/or India if it is focused on:

  • developing or deploying artificial intelligence or quantum technologies and has technical job vacancies; or
  • scaling within the life sciences or healthcare sectors, with vacancies requiring senior strategy, business development, sales experience and experience of raising significant VC funding.

get in touch with the team.

How to partner with the network

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the Global Talent Network can support your UK based organisation to access international talent, then get in touch with the team who can provide further information.

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