Innovating the Energy Transition

Partner with the UK at the leading edge of the Energy Transition.

With a pro-business ecosystem, renewed government support for innovation and advanced manufacturing, and a stable and growing project pipeline, the UK continues to lead the way on the road to net zero.

On this site you will find investment opportunities, a new personalised step-by-step guide to help you set up your business in the UK and will discover the visionary UK companies that are driving sustainable change, pioneering innovation, and leading the charge towards a greener future.

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3 reasons to choose the UK for Energy


A leading, investor-friendly renewable energy ecosystem with business-friendly policies and a track record of innovation and commercialisation.


Global leadership in the delivery of Net Zero through legislation, strategy, policy, sector roadmaps, skills development, and global leadership.


Extensive Government support, tax incentives, funding and a public-private risk sharing approach for unlocking investment and boosting related eco-friendly manufacturing.

Low-carbon Opportunities in the UK

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Offshore Wind

The UK is the second largest offshore wind (OSW) market in the world. It continues to drive investment and innovation through world-leading ambition and deployment of new technologies. In the 2023 Spring Budget, the UK Government introduced a series of economy-wide capital allowance measures from which offshore wind projects can benefit.

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Hydrogen & Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS)

One of the world's most mature markets supports multiple production technologies, including electrolytic and carbon capture-enabled hydrogen production, and a pipeline of projects up to 18GW.

The 2021 Hydrogen Strategy further outlined how hydrogen will be an essential part of Europe's energy independence and security.

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Grow your energy innovation in the UK

The best place to grow and develop your energy-related technologies and innovations, thanks to generous R&D packages, clusters of expertise and catapults that combine sector expertise, access to capital, and market-shaping abilities to grow your business at scale. Join us.

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