Capital: Kyiv
Population: 41,167,336 (2022 January)
Currency: Hryvnia (UAH)
Time: UTC+2 (EET), UTC+3 (EEST)


  • The UK stands with Ukraine.
  • The UK and our allies condemn the Russian government’s unprovoked and premeditated invasion of Ukraine.

Key Sectors

Digital Trade

  • The UK and Ukraine have agreed a ground-breaking new Digital Trade Agreement (DTA) that will help Ukraine rebuild its economy and support livelihoods following Russia’s illegal invasion.
  • Ukraine’s first ever digital trade deal will support its economy through the current crisis and lay foundations for its recovery and revival. Trading digitally is particularly important in the current conflict, where damage to Ukrainian infrastructure and warfare makes it much harder to trade physically. Digital tools and technologies will help Ukrainians access everyday vital goods and services during the war.
  • Ukraine will have guaranteed access to the financial services crucial for reconstruction efforts through the deal’s facilitation of cross-border data flows. It also establishes greater cooperation between the UK and Ukraine on cybersecurity and emerging technologies, helping to keep UK and Ukrainian businesses and people safer.


  • The UK has signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Ukrainian government to take forward future cooperation on reconstruction efforts.
  • A joint task force has been established to build and strengthen UK and Ukrainian partnerships to support the reconstruction of crucial infrastructure across Kyiv.
  • The taskforce will help identify where UK companies have world-class skills that support reconstruction efforts - such as digital and services, water and sanitation, energy, power, and transport.
  • UK Export Finance has also pledged to retain its £3.5 billion worth of financial support for trade to Ukraine – helping the country to fund its reconstruction projects and allowing UK exporters and Ukrainian buyers to access the finance they need to trade commercially.

To learn more about the UK’s trade relationship with Ukraine, visit hereopens in a new tab or contact the team via this linkopens in a new tab to discuss doing business in Ukraine.