Warner's Distillery

2024 winner of the agriculture, food & drink category

Warner’s Distillery is the world’s leading premium farm-born spirits producer. ​

​Created and run by Tom & Tina Warner, Warner’s Distillery sits in the rolling hills of Northamptonshire. Steeped in ancient farming history, the estate dates back to the 13th century Knights Hospitaller whose hand-built fish ponds were fed by the farm’s spring water.​

​Since launching in 2012, Tom & Tina have built an expert team, producing unique spirits, elegantly crafted from ingredients grown on the farm such as elderflower, angelica, verbena and lavender. ​

​Famed for their Warner’s Rhubarb Gin, the company are also now market leaders in the 0% spirits category, and have just launched Trash & Treasure, creating great taste from food waste.​

​The founders and team truly believe that Real Tastes Better, and only by working in harmony with the planet and nature can you create such delicious tasting spirits.  They achieved their B Corp accreditation in Summer 2022. ​

​Exports make up 25% of their turnover, selling to over 30 countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand and UAE. ​

The Made in the UK, Sold to the World award is so special to Warner’s. It is a recognition of the hard work and flexibility required to succeed in an intensely competitive category; and how resilient we have had to be over the last four years.

Mike Nield , Head of International , Warner's Distillery

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