Scanning Pens

2023 winner of the Education category

A photo of Scanning Pens co-founders Toby Sutton and Jack Churchill holding their assistive reading products at a table

Co-founders Toby Sutton and Jack Churchill

Scanning Pens create text-to-speech assistive technology to support people with dyslexia and other learning differences. The company was founded by Jack Churchill, inspired by his own struggle with dyslexia, with university friend Toby Sutton in 2003.

Their shared mission is to remove the stigma surrounding neurodiverse differences by providing cost-effective handheld solutions to individuals struggling to read and learn.

Scanning Pens has become distributors of innovative and award-winning assistive reading technology globally. From classrooms to the workplace, Scanning Pens products have now been sold in over 100 countries, including Singapore, Mexico and the USA.

A photo of Scanning Pens co-founder Jack Churchill holding one of the company's assistive reading pens

Jack Churchill and Scanning Pen's C-Pen Exam Reader 2, which provides text-to-speech support for exam conditions

Their international success has significantly boosted the company’s turnover: from making £1 million annually to achieving the same in just one month.  Judges noted that their awards entry showed impressive employee growth as a result of exporting - in the last 7 years, the company has increased the number of employees worldwide to over 100.

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