Media Bodies

2024 winner of the creative industries category

Media Bodies is a Performance Influencer Marketing Agency focusing on YouTube, Podcast, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and Experiential Marketing. Having started with a focus on the gaming industry, Media Bodies now works across industries including tech, retail, ecommerce, beauty, fashion, wellness, and more. ​

Media Bodies’ client roster is in close to 20 countries around the world. Since the agency scaled its exports, it has seen 100% revenue growth consecutively for the past 3 years. ​

Entering key markets has allowed the agency to keep a pulse on developing market trends and establish a strong regional network and reputation, which has been instrumental in driving further growth in those markets and identifying diversification opportunities. ​

Media Bodies has developed a USP that’s strongly valued across markets, and an adaptable team and approach that has resulted in 80% average increase in revenue per employee.​


To be recognised at a national level is incredible- such a fantastic platform to bring our ​data-led ​Influencer Marketing expertise into the limelight! This year, we’re keen to build on our exporting success by further growing our newer services - Podcasts, TikTok, and Experiential campaigns- in our established markets, while continuously upskilling to grow our YouTube offering; and we’re so excited to see what new avenues this win opens up for us!

Edward Fuller , Founder and CEO , Media Bodies

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