Little Moons

2023 winner of the Agriculture, Food & Drink category

A photo of Little Moons co-founders Vivien and Howard Wong with a selection of Little Moons' ice cream products

Howard and Vivien Wong, Co-founders of Little Moons

Little Moons mochi ice cream comprises of chewy rice flour dough wrapped around a centre of gelato ice-cream. Founded in 2010, Howard and Vivien Wong were inspired by a love of their parents traditional mochi and came up with the idea create their own version with a modern twist of an ice-cream centre to the UK.

To date, the company now employs more than 300 people and sales statistics suggest that a Little Moons is eaten every second.

A photo of Little Moons co-founders Vivien and Howard Wong

Last year, the business fast-tracked its growth, expanding into 11 new international markets, where Little Moons can be found in 28 countries across the world, with revenue from international sales set to overtake the UK this year.

Its awards entry was noted for demonstrating an excellent business story by challenging the status quo and clearly identifying how exports have contributed to business success.

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