IceMOS Technology

2024 winner of the manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and construction category

IceMOS Technology is a privately held semiconductor technology corporation and manufacturer of a new class of MEMS based power and sensing advanced semiconductor technology. This serves wide-ranging applications anywhere that power efficiency and sensing matters. The company has a manufacturing centre of excellence located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  ​

​99% of the IceMOS business is exported outside of the British Isles. IceMOS has significantly expanded its customer base by accessing international markets, resulting in positive growth of sales and revenue. The decision to venture beyond domestic borders not only provided opportunities to connect with a broader audience, but also bolstered the resilience of the UK semiconductor industry. ​


This win underscores our position as a leader in the industry and validates the effectiveness of our sensing and power technologies in driving energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. It provides us with a strong foundation to further expand our exporting success.

Building on this momentum, we aim to diversify our export markets and deepen our presence in existing ones. We plan to continue investments in research and development to continue innovating and stay ahead of emerging trends. Additionally, we will focus on strengthening partnerships and collaborations to leverage synergies and maximize our impact globally. Ultimately, our goal is to solidify our position as the go-to provider for energy-efficient semiconductor solutions and contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts towards sustainability and decarbonization.

Dr. Samuel J Anderson , MBE. Founder & Chairman , IceMOS Technology

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