Autoflame Engineering

2024 winner of the infrastructure and engineering category

Autoflame Engineering manufactures industry-leading commercial and industrial combustion management and monitoring solutions. It empowers its customers to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs, substantially lower emissions and remain compliant with environmental regulations​

​Autoflame Engineering is family-owned and distributes through a network of 110+ Technology Centres around the world.  It boasts an impressive 46 patents. ​

​The company has been exporting for four decades. Autoflame’s top markets include North America, Europe and China, but it currently exports to a total of 104 countries around the world. Autoflame touches almost every corner of the globe in 6 out of 7 continents, making specific headway in the Latin American and Indian markets in recent years.​


We are thrilled to be the winner of the Made in the UK, Sold to the World Infrastructure & Engineering award. We are proud to help teams globally achieve their sustainability targets, and this award reflects the hard work that goes into exporting our products into new and existing markets.

Steve Kemp , Director , Autoflame Engineering

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