Use an overseas agent

An agent acts as your local sales person in an overseas market. They find customers for you in return for an agreed commission. The customer then buys the product or service directly from you.

Agents often want to represent a client exclusively in a geographic region. It’s easier to agree a smaller region and make it larger after a trial period than the other way around. Make sure whatever you agreed is clearly defined in a written agreement.

Save resources with an agent

A good agent will:

  • speak the language
  • know the market and industry
  • know what the competition is doing
  • have contacts who could be potential customers
  • save you recruiting, training and paying your own sales person

It can be difficult to manage agents from a different country. Offering them training and marketing support is a good way to motivate them.

Paying their commission after you’ve been paid will encourage agents to make sure customers pay on time.

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