Make an export plan

An export plan is a business plan for selling overseas. It should detail the decisions you’ve made based on your market research, your objectives and how you plan to achieve them.

A well structured plan will make sure you’ve thought about all the possibilities, chosen a logical path forward and set targets to keep you on track.

Your export plan is a tool to show banks, investors or partners that you’re serious and have realistic and achievable goals.

What to include in your export plan

Your export plan should include:

  • an explanation of why you want to export including the benefits
  • your product or service offering and what makes you different from the competition
  • any changes you need to make to your product or service for the new market
  • your target markets and the reasons for choosing them
  • how you intend to protect your intellectual property
  • how you’ll market your product
  • how you intend to resource your plan including staffing and finance
  • your operating model or route to market
  • operational information including transport, distribution, customs and licences
  • your objectives
  • targets and how you will measure them

Export Savvy and Open to Export both have interactive step-by-step guides to help you create an export plan.

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