Government help to manage risks of bribery, corruption and abuse of human rights

Practical and expert help to do business with integrity, including match-funded consultancy services.

Last updated 15 October 2019

The UK government offers practical support for companies to help prevent bribery, corruption and human rights abuses when doing business in emerging markets.

It provides a Business Integrity Consultancy Service, with access to specialist advice at a reduced fee. This is available to businesses that trade with countries receiving official development assistance.

How the Business Integrity Consultancy Service can help your company

The service offers up to 5 days of consultancy for first-time users, which can be spread over 2 months.

Prevention of bribery and corruption

The service can help you:

  • develop policies and procedures to prevent bribery and corruption
  • understand and improve compliance with the UK Bribery Act and other relevant anti-bribery and corruption laws, reducing risk of legal liability
  • identify risks your company might face
  • ensure you know what to do if things go wrong
  • work with your business peers, the public and the public sector to take collective action on fair competition and avoidance of corruption risk overseas

Respecting human rights

The service can help you improve your ethical trading practices and manage risks around human rights issues such as workers’ rights and modern slavery.

Eligibility and service cost

The service is available to companies doing business in countries that receive official development assistance. You may also apply if your company has plans to do business with these countries in the future.

To receive the service, your company must:

  • employ up to 250 people
  • have a turnover of up to £44 million

Your company will be expected to pay a percentage of the total cost of the service. This is calculated by the size of the company:

  • small companies pay 20% of the total cost
  • medium sized companies pay 40% of the total cost

For example, company A, a medium sized company, has 60 employees, a turnover of £15m and exports to Morocco. It applies for 3 days support. The total fee is £4,500. Company A pays £1,800. The rest is paid by the UK government.

The actual fees paid by your company will depend on the type of service you receive.

Apply for the service or find more information

To apply for The Business Integrity Consultancy Service, check your company’s eligibility and then download an application form (53.6 KB Word Document). When you’ve completed it, email it to the government’s Business Integrity Hub at

You can also use this email address to find out more information on the Hub’s work, give feedback or request to sign up to its monthly newsletter.

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