Routes to market

Last updated 19 March 2019

Methods of selling overseas differ in complexity, cost and the risks they present. Starting with low cost and low risk, the main ways to sell overseas include:

  • direct sales, including selling online
  • using in-country agents or distributors
  • licensing or franchising
  • a joint venture or partnership
  • setting up an overseas operation

Use data to find the best route to market

Research your options for entering a market and use data to make an informed decision. The way you choose to sell your product or service will affect your profits and success. What’s right for one market may not be right for another.

Start small and test the market

Trying one or more routes to market on a small scale is a good way to test the route to market and test your product or service in that market.

For example, you could start selling overseas through an e-commerce platform. The setup costs are small so you can test demand for your product without too much risk. If it goes well you could look at expanding your online presence or start using an agent or distributor.